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Welcome to my portfolio, I update this randomly whenever I feel like it, I like to consider myself fairly advanced.

My name is @MrBoogle on Roblox, I am 16 years of age, I’ve been programming for atleast 8-9 years, and I’ve been programming Lua for around 4 years now. I programmed in some other languages like Java and HTML before Lua. I also used Clickteam Fusion 2.5, which is not a programming language but a game engine. I have around 1630 hours on that.

As for the kinds of things I program, I can do a lot of things honestly, I don’t have a whole ton of things listed here mainly because I never save my work :wink: If you need something created, just feel free to contact me and see if I am interested in it.


Blitz FPS

Want to point out I used FastCast for this

The ground framework for a FPS, its over 800 lines of code, it’s my main project currently, and I am quite happy with it so far. It is completly modular, allowing for easy changes and adding to it is easy as heck.

Here is a link to test it out, below are some videos as well. This game may be private depending on when you look at it.

Video showing off the weapons
Video showing off the movement

Some code snippets:

Bullet Modules

module.bullet_velocity = 800 -- S/PS
module.bullet_range = 10000
module.bullet_gravity =, -workspace.Gravity, 0)
module.min_random_spread = 0.5
module.max_random_spread = 1
module.fire_rate = 60/600 -- 60 seconds / bullets per minute
module.pellets = 1
module.explosive_rounds = false

module.Sounds = {
	Fire = 'rbxassetid://private'

Sliding Mechanic

local BV ="BodyVelocity")
sliding = true
BV.MaxForce =,math.huge,math.huge)
BV.Velocity = humanoidRootPart.CFrame.LookVector*slidedistance
BV.Parent = humanoidRootPart
TS:Create(char.Humanoid,, {CameraOffset =,-2,0)}):Play()
wait(.4) -- Waits before stopping you.
sliding = false

Models created by @HeadlessCanadian

Rope Swinging Mechanic

Video showing off the mechanic

It is open source, so if you are interested in seeing it, here is a link

Voxel Terrain Generation using perlin noise

I wrote this after watching a lot of Minecraft tech video things
Also, I used deprecated rays in this, because it was like months ago

Literally all of the code for it
local x,y,z = 0,0,0
local chunkSize = 16
local noiseScale = 20
local seed = math.random(1,10^9)
local amplitude = 5
local blocks = game.ReplicatedStorage.Blocks
local chunkCount = 2


function updateCoords(X,Y,Z)
	x = X
	y = Y
	z = Z
for layer = 1, 8 do
	x = 0
	for chunk = 1, chunkCount do
		local chunkFolder ="Folder", workspace.WorldFolder)
		chunkFolder.Name = 'CHUNK'
		local newCoords = {X = x, Y = y, Z = z + layer * chunkSize }
		for X = newCoords.X, chunkSize+newCoords.X do
			for Y = newCoords.Y, chunkSize+newCoords.Y do
				for Z  = newCoords.Z, chunkSize+newCoords.Z do
					local noise = {
						X = math.noise(Y/noiseScale, Z/noiseScale, seed) * amplitude,
						Y = math.noise(X/noiseScale, Z/noiseScale, seed) * amplitude,
						Z = math.noise(X/noiseScale, Y/noiseScale, seed) * amplitude
					noise['Density'] = noise.X + noise.Y + noise.Z + Y
					if noise['Density'] < 20 and noise['Density'] > -5 then
						if noise['Density'] < 15 and noise['Density'] > 12  then
							local block = blocks.GrassBlock:Clone()
							block.Parent = chunkFolder
							block.Position =*block.Size.X,Y*block.Size.Y,Z*block.Size.Z)
							for _, decal in pairs(block:GetChildren()) do
								if decal:IsA("Decal") then
									decal.Transparency = 0
								while wait(0.2) do
									local ray =,,1,0) * 5)
									local hitpart, pos = workspace:FindPartOnRay(ray)
									if hitpart and blocks:FindFirstChild(hitpart.Name) then
										for _, decal in pairs(block:GetChildren()) do
											if decal:IsA("Decal") then
												decal.Texture = 'rbxassetid://5457896738'
												decal.Color3 = Color3.fromRGB(255,255,255)
										block.Bottom.Texture = "rbxassetid://5457896738"
										for _, side in pairs(block:GetChildren()) do
											if side.Name == 'Side' then
												side.Texture = "rbxassetid://5457890028"
										block.Top.Texture = "rbxassetid://5457888252"
										block.Top.Color3 = Color3.fromRGB(58, 230, 5)
						elseif noise['Density'] > -5 and noise['Density'] < 12 then
							local block = blocks.StoneBlock:Clone()
							block.Parent = chunkFolder
							block.Position =*block.Size.X,Y*block.Size.Y,Z*block.Size.Z)
							for _, decal in pairs(block:GetChildren()) do
								if decal:IsA("Decal") then
									decal.Transparency = 0
Randomized maze generation, with solutions

Accurate location of the ISS, real time

I used an API provided by Nasa, I think, it was a while back when I made this.

Some code of it.

function calculateCoords(lat, lng)
	local mapWidth = script.Parent.Map.AbsoluteSize.X
	local mapHeight = script.Parent.Map.AbsoluteSize.Y
	local x = ((lng+180) * (mapWidth / 360))
	local y = (((lat * -1) + 90) * (mapHeight / 180))
	return x, y


Your best method of contacting me is through Discord, as I am on there almost everyday. I live in a PST timezone.

Discord: Boogle#4509

If for some reason you can’t contact me through Discord, you can always just send me a private message on the dev forum and I’ll eventually read it.

The only thing I request of you before contacting me, is just do a simple Google search of whatever it is you need completed. I don’t like having people asking me to program a hotkey for an animation, as that is literally 4 lines of code and I would not charge for that.


I usually don’t ask of a lot, just don’t try and cheap out because of this, mans gotta pay his non-existant rent somehow. :man_shrugging:

I’m currently not looking for any full time projects, but I am up for commissions always.


If you have any questions, feel free to contact me whichever way I listed above, please don’t ask things like payment before telling me what you want created, as I have no clue until I see it.


Commissions are still open as of Thu September 24th

Hey I’m interested I sent a friend request on discord

Portfolio update on October 2 2020

Question, did you make the animations for the guns shown or did you find them somewhere?

The animations for the guns were created by @wyattearp1627, this is a team project we are currently working on.

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Do you think he would be open to commissions?

Well if this saves me posting a topic post thxs but do you think you can be part-time scripter for my project, work at a restaurant?

Not sure, I sent him a DM on discord with this thread. So we will see.

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Feel free to contact me on Discord/Private messages and I will let ya know

You can contact me on Discord

Hey, I know you aren’t working on full-time projects yet. But if you do seem interested in this one. (POST LINK). Please contact me in discord! DevFrags#2441