Borderline critical "Kicked by server" connection issues


I use windows 8


Complained about this a long time ago, it’s been happening for ages.


Mine personally wasn’t 10 minutes. It was seconds after the player joins


I played your game on four devices to try and test my theory

A Laptop running Windows 7
A computer running Windows 10
An iPad
And a MacOS computer

Here are my results

  • Windows 7 Laptop: Kicked after about 30 minutes
  • Windows 10 PC: Kicked immidiently
  • iPad: Did not kick me
  • macOS: Did not kick me


Now the issue is that it is stuck on waiting for server forever…


Device? Windows 10 again?


Win 8


My game too has had this issue about “waiting for an available server” for a few months now, which happens only if we join a newly created, empty server. Sometimes it loads fast, but usually takes up to 5 or even 10 minutes to open (it always succeeds eventually). Makes it really hard to run online tests, I have no idea what could cause this.


It happens on all devices, it’s a problem I’m surprised they haven’t fixed

It seems to stall more, the larger the game is

Also on Mobile/Tablet if you leave while trying to join a game, then try to join another game, it breaks forever