Borders cut down on flipbook

Hey! I’m just trying to make a flipbook particle (OneShot, FourByFour), I’ve done the sprite sheet on TexturePacker (I already checked borders and limits of each sprite there) and then resized it to 1024x1024 to fit just fine in Roblox Studio (which does and works perfectly except for this issue). The issue here is that, as you can see in the image I’ll attach, for some reason the borders of each sprite seem to be cut down, so that makes them look really weird. Borders from a sprite don’t appear on other sprite, so I don’t think that their respective limits are the issue here.
This is my first time doing a flipbook (or a sprite sheet for the matter), so maybe I’m doing something wrong.

Image (left is a decal with the 4x4 sprite sheet, which has all of the borders just fine; right is the flipbook particle in-mid playing, the current frame is the 8th I think):

Thank you for reading!