Boss Minigames: Copyright

Boss Minigames: The Sequel Copyright

Nomenclature Notes


All assets used in Boss Minigames: The Sequel are subject to the Roblox terms of service, and has full explicit permission to be used within our experience. Boss Minigames: The Sequel’s assets all redirect to We, holder of the experience (The Gabriel Group Productions) use a variety of sound effects, models, meshes, and plugins from the Roblox Marketplace, including, but not limited to:

  1. We do not allow the distribution of our content (whether it’s assets made by the holder of the experience, any sounds, plugins, music, etc.) and the distribution of our games. Any unauthorized copies of our starter places/experiences will be taken down by us.
  2. Any remixed assets (examples are the remixed dominus accessories, with custom textures) are allowed to be distributed but require proper credit.
  3. We do not utilize UGC accessories within our game. We require explicit permission from the UGC creators to use their accessories in the experience.

This topic will automatically be updated with the most recent updates regarding our copyright.

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