Boss Minigames Plus Subscription Deals

Boss Minigames Plus

Subscription Details

  • 2’000 Monthly Bloxies
  • Access to early testing
  • Exclusive Discord role “Boss Minigames Plus”
  • Access to special accessories and other goodies

More perks coming soon.


Boss Minigames Plus’s service does not offer refunds. This service is being used on the following games:

  • Boss Minigames: The Sequel


Where do you test out updates earlier?

  • It is available on the Boss Minigames: The Sequel test page. You will automatically be whitelisted to join!

Can the offered goodies be changed or removed?

  • We are allowed to add, change, or remove any of the goodies. However, we will warn users about the new update 7 days prior to the change being affected, and we allow feedback on the changed product.

How much does BM+ cost?

  • $2.99 USD, monthly expense. Mobile app users are charged higher in an indefinite price.

How will I be warned about new changes being made to this service?

  • We send Discord updates regularly on services, experiences, store products, and so on. Any changes to the service will be listed as an announcement on the official Discord server.

Thank you for using our services!

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