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I don’t know if it’s good for this post being here but is there possibly to script when someone buys any gears at my store game? Like example: “(Player) has bought (gear)!”


Well how does someone buy a gear, is it through a button?

local player = game.Players.LocalPlayer
local button = -- the button
local gear = -- the gear
    print(player.." has bought "..gear.Name)

If you want all the clients to see it though, then you will need to fire a remote event.

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Yes once they buy it just pass it through a remote event and have a ui pop up for the player that they have bought it!

local Remote = 
  Remote.OnServerEvent:Connect(function(plr, gear)
      print(plr.. "Has just bought" .. gear)
      --- do the UI stuff here

If its client side then just print it to just the player so the Remote Event wouldnt me needed!

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Are you looking for like a chat message to pop up?

No I think he want’s a UI to pop up with that message of the player’s name which bought the gear, but I’m not sure if he wants it client sided or server sided

Yep, it’s like donation. So, if someone buys it should send to my Discord server.

If you’re looking to communicate with Discord, you’d have to use webhooks.
Discord Webhooks - Integrating Roblox with Discord