Bot that communicates from discord to roblox. (Where to start)

So I’ve been doing a lot of stuff with HttpService, and I wanted to create a bot that could communicate with roblox, so I could send server announcements.

Mainly, I just need places to start.
What I’m specifically looking for is articles, possibly videos, software to use, how to make roblox receive info. (I was assuming using some sort of getasync from a 3rd party to check for messages.)

Thanks for any help you can give. : D


Can you be a little bit more clear? How do you want to communicate exactly with Roblox? Do you mean that you want to send a message through a bot from discord to appear in a Roblox game? Sorry for answering late.

I’m just essentially trying to make communication from a bot, to server. So that I can do commands, I can run announcements, etc.

Also, thanks for the reply.

Alright then in order to execute these kind of commands you will need an API and noblox.js as well as discord.js (if you are using node.js). This is why, I would recommend you to search for open sourced projects that might help you.


I tried to download node.js, but there were a ton of stuff that needed installing, and I had no clue which command bar to use, as there was powershell, command prompt, and node.js command bar. (it told me to use “normal command bar”. It was too complicated for me, so I just uninstalled. (Sounds kind of stupid now that I say that…)

Nodejs is an easy install download it directly if hosting on computer.

Also, if you had trouble downloading it, you can try an online IDE like (if you have trouble with the installation).

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I think I’m just gonna grab a tutorial for it. Thanks though. : )

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