Bot that randomly sends ally requests

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  1. What do you want to achieve?
    I would like to create a robot that automatically sends ally invites to random groups.

I have multiple groups on roblox, and many of them have recieved an ally invite from this group, harmful idea harmful idea - Roblox
I would like to know how this person is doing this, or maybe an example of how to.
If this is against the TOS, please let me know, because i have seen many different groups do this, like harmful idea and dank

Also: if we’re using the api, what is the ratelimit?

While I can’t comment on the TOS side of it, it’s not overly ethical to do and I would advice against it…

The API you want is located at Swagger UI, Groups Api V1 → Relationships →

The Swagger UI is alright at setting you up with the API, so check it out

It’s technically a form of automated spamming, although I’m not certain if it’s actually against the TOS either.

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