BotBegone module ~ Be rid of bots with this awesome module!

BotBegone is a simple ModuleScript that can be used to squash scam bots.

To initialize BotBegone run the following in your command prompt:

local BotBegone = require(6523654647) BotBegone.Run()

To stop BotBegone run this in your command prompt:

local BotBegone = require(6523654647) BotBegone.Stop()

To update BotBegone, run this in your command prompt:

local BotBegone = require(6523654647) BotBegone.Update()

It’s that simple!

Here is some footage of BotBegone in action:

Here is a link to BotBegone:
BotBegone - Roblox

Do you see yourself using this module?
  • Yes I do!
  • No I do not. (provide reasoning please)

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just prevent any bacon hair from entering, bots are lazy

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Thanks, but ive already done that so.

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Continuing the discussion from Is it against TOS to instantly ban players who paid access to game?:

While this isn’t exactly what you’re saying, bots still get by when you ban all bacon haired avatars from entering and it still looks unprofessional. While from what I’ve seen of this module isn’t perfect, it still looks x100 more professional than just kicking a player if they have a specific hair.

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nah i withdraw…

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The issue there was that the game is paid access. Bots rarely attack paid games as it isn’t profitable. Just set up a chat detection and you should be good to go. Though I agree that using bacon hair as an immediate ban material is dumb. Many players don’t care about their avatars and just want to play games.

Smart way of doing it (pretty much how I’d have done it), but I personally wouldn’t use it as I’d like to use my own implementation where I have more control. It’s a great module for those that don’t know how to use the Chat modules though.

I’m using @sleitnick’s Knit framework in my game and would likely use my own version that’s tied into the framework.

Chat detection is the point of this module. (Oops I replied to the wrong person I meant to reply to @csqrl)

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I’m not applying this specifically to paid access games, I’m applying this to all games, bots still get by and it looks unprofessional even if the game is free access. Hope this clears up any confusion.

Maybe, but smaller teams don’t have the resources required to perform moderation in case their game gets a lot of sudden attention. Those few hours are critical for making sure that it isn’t just a one off thing, so having at least a way to mark players for suspicion is important.

As I said, I don’t agree with people who just ban players who have bacon hair, but it is definitely a good material for moderators to check.


What imperfections do you happen to see?

Only a few things! :smiley:

  1. The error when you load in (might not be from the plugin itself)
  2. If you say something innocent like “you know there are free items on the catalog, right?” then your chat might not be able to go through.
  3. (not something I’ve seen,) there could be ways to bypass this but bots aren’t really going to care unless everyone starts using this exact module.

Other than that this module is great and I can see myself using it.


That was from a different project of mine :smiley:

The word free has a .4 sus weight so you would need to say something like with a .6 or greater sus weight (like robux or gamepasses) to trigger the filter.

Thanks so much for your help! :grinning:


This is a good module, however I will explain why I am not using it since you asked in your poll.

The reason I don’t see myself using this module is because I don’t really feel like I need it. If you are that worried about your players being scammed, I suggest adding a warning that tells players not to fall for scams right before they join. There could also be some cases where players are innocently having their words blacklisted. Another thing is the workarounds that people make, such as site names, and bypassing the words “free robux”

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