Bots are back... Again?

I have made a previous post on this, but it was mainly looking for help, I’m now trying to show that the bots are back and seemingly more aggressive? They are not able to chat in my game due to a script I made to prevent it.

So a few weeks ago, I was having a serious botting issue, as a lot of other users did. I fixed it for the main part with blocking their chat, and it stopped the scams.

They stopped joining after a while, and I was pretty happy it was over, but it seems they are back again now. And they are joining even faster, luckily they can’t chat because of my previous changes. Just seems they are more ruthless, just wanted to release my POV on this.

If anyone needs help stopping their chat, lemme know. I’ve made a few good preventions against them.

The join speed: Scam bots x2 - YouTube

They are joining so fast that the chat filter is giving me API warnings, like its ridiculous. These bots are not showing as console users, so I can’t really filter them out that way either.

I guess all we can do is wait for ROBLOX to do something about this.

Also really lagging the server

Game usually averages around 90-100 ping for me, this is absurd.

My game is completely unplayable now.


If they have something common amongst their names then you could kick them based on that. Otherwise I think you’d be better off reporting the issue to ROBLOX and praying they do something about it. The only way to really prevent it is for ROBLOX to put in the measures to do such.

If the accounts joining are all fairly new then you could put an account age restriction on the game. This does limit newer accounts from joining the game but it could also help mitigate the bot issues.


Try to put authority on the chat remote, by ratelimiting and kicking the player if there was about 5 messages in less than 20 ms. That said, there are many human limitations that machines can “bypass”.

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I know it would be kinda hard to make but possibly a Captcha when you join or to send your first message in a server you have to complete a Captcha that is custom made by you