Bought a t-shirt to put funds in a group and it got put into pending sales

True, I made the changes


This has been happening for a while now for my group and I found it pretty normal, 9 months to be exact.


Well that shows that that happens to certain groups and doesn’t happen to other groups. One or the other must be wrong, and I think it’s more likely to be that shirt sales shouldn’t go into pending sales, because as far as I know, Roblox haven’t announced any changes to this.


Okay so according to my friend this is actually not a bug but it depends on how much you spend. So I bought a 400 robux shirt and the robux went straight through into funds, but then I bought a 1000 robux shirt and it went into pending sales. It would have been nice if Roblox told us about this.


Now I want to know the limit of robux that doesn’t go into pending sales immediately, it’d be wise for all of us to know this.

Any brave soul want to take one for the team? :stuck_out_tongue:


My friend said that the limit is 399 robux or more but obviously I bought a 400 robux shirt that went through immediately, so I assume this means the limit changes over time (maybe daily). I just tried buying a 500 robux shirt and it went into pending sales, so I guess the limit is around 400-500 robux.


When I was doing 16k transaction, nothing was pending so idk what’s the exact algorithm. Maybe it depends on how much robux user has spent in last time (not on product’s amount).


A couple months ago I put 100k robux in my group via a shirt and this did not happen, it went straight into the group funds.

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Looks like it’s all over the place, it’s happening to some people and not happening to others. Would love to have an official statement from an admin.

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Thank you for noting the issue, we’ve followed up with our engineering team at Roblox. This change is very recent and intentional to help Roblox prevent fraud which gives us enough time to catch the bad guys.


So where did the money go, then? For me personally, everything simply disappeared.


Could you check what your pending funds is at through group admin?

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Ah, I see. It’s at 43K, I suppose that’s where it went.
Wasn’t there when I checked right after I bought the T-shirts.


I’m actually having the same problem.


Did you get the robux?

Yeah, you just need to wait the standard 2-3 days for pending sales to go through.


Usually you have to wait a few hours before it goes from pending sales into your group funds, but it varies in most cases. Not sure why.

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I’ve tried this, and I found the limit to be 999. Above 999=pending, below and at goes through instantly.


Looks like a ton of people are crossing wires on what this topic is for. This topic is for the issue where, if you buy a T-shirt on a group, it now puts it into Pending Sales rather than directly in group funds. This has already been proven not to be a bug and is an intentional feature, so this does not require further discussion.

It is not about funds taking longer than 72 hours to process.

Please make sure to choose the right topics when posting and do not derail old bug reports or feature requests for unrelated queries and issues.