Bounty Hunter Package

So yesterday I got the bounty hunter package and today I found that it’s got at least 2 bugs.

Bug 1:
The length of the coat is a lot shorter in-game than on the website. Below you can see what the package looks like in the catalog and what it should look like on my character as seen on my profile:

Here is what it actually looks like in-game:

Bug 2:
If you look closely in the above picture of what I look like in-game you will also notice something else happening with his clothes that have been applied to the package. On the website it is correct but in-game the clothes are stretched so you can see the hand part of the clothes at my character’s elbows and the shoes have now been turned into kneepads :stuck_out_tongue: Also, the front may be slightly squished but I’m not sure if that’s due to the shape of the package or also a bug.

For reference, here’s what the clothes look like with no package:

Not sure where this best fits under but I felt web was the most appropriate.

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That’s exactly what I encountered few days ago. Glad you brought this up.

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I believe i read somewhere that the length of the coat is shorter on R6. Might be wrong though, could you check for assurance?

Just checked, R6 looks the same and has the same problems.

Just looked and it seems like now it’s also showing wrong on the website.