Bouvet Island Is Uninhabited

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I don’t really think this is a bug. It doesn’t make sense for a global company to exclude random regions for no reason other than they’re uninhabited. Roblox wants to support anywhere on Earth. What better way to do that than to have everywhere on Earth an option?


This honestly is strange, but I agree with Intended_Pun. It would be better.

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This is an outrage. We need to send some people there right away. Who is volunteering?


We need it immediately, I’ll call roblox admins right away to get volunteers!

Why isn’t the ISS listed as a location but an uninhabited island is, justice for our astronauts !!! :rage:


There isn’t anything special about this island. It belongs to Norway, and it seems obscure to have this specific island that has never been or will be inhabited to have it’s own selection.

There are so many other places that could have their own names. So many islands everywhere that could be added. But it is not autonomous, and I don’t see why it’s getting it’s own selection.

EDIT: Seems like you guys are taking this like it’s a joke :confused:


I mean, it’s serious, I just got carried away.

Can’t believe this slipped through QA, is Roblox even trying at this point? :roll_eyes:


Aw man, why would roblox include Bouvet Island and not Mars? :frowning_face:

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I doubt Roblox even manually added these options. They’re probably getting them from an external source. As such, it makes even less sense to start excluding options because who knows what other automatic magic is happening in the background?

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However, it could be so if isn’t inhabited at any time, it would be an option possibly.

Would this logic apply to every other error in the Location selector? Like eSwatini being called Swaziland? Or am I just being a pedant?

I think they should look to a different external source if that is the case.

Everyone makes mistakes sometimes.

I don’t believe this is a roblox bug, its a civilisation bug that no one wants to live there :frowning:

Cant blame roblox for wanting people to give an island some company


That is true, but we also could ask a roblox admin why.

Follow up: When setting your location to Bouvet Island, the popular sort is completely empty:


This seems like intended behavior.


A bug is unexpected behaviour, from a user perspective having no games on a sort described as ‘popular’ is a bug, if it were ‘Popular in Bouvet Island’ i would most likely consider it intended behaviour, but due to its name its at the very least bad UX


That is honestly really weird.