Box to Change Bio is Gone

It seems that the account settings page no longer has an area for adding/modifying the account’s bio:

I found it to be missing on Chrome and Firefox, the latter of which has no extensions installed. There’s an error in the console that may or may not be related:
Full link is


Same here,
Windows 10, Google Chrome


Works fine in Microsoft Edge on Windows 10.

Edit: Can confirm that it doesn’t appear on chrome with no extensions installed.

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Works fine on my Chrome with Windows 10

There’s been a few client-API web bugs recently.

I’ve heard that it may be getting looked into.
(Source: CS via Reddit)

Not only the box to change bio was gone, almost half of all the settings we’re gone, Luckily this is now fixed.

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This is happening for me right now, not really sure why – I’m not seeing a “personal” section anywhere in my settings. I checked this on 3 different browsers, AND on mobile app. There’s just – no personal section for me.


Can confirm it’s happening to me even with extensions off. This may be because of the new update where you can edit from your profile though.

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Looks somewhat intended to me, they have the edit option on your profile now. It’s pointless to have it in two places.


I agree, is it just me or does the new way look a bit nicer and cleans the settings page a bit more? :slight_smile:

Yeah they removed it as well as statuses. If you would like to change your about section you have to go to your profile. You can go there using Roblox

Let me know if that helped!

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Go to profile
And change bio there. :grinning:

Note: this was from a year ago

For future users who, like me, saw this and thought it was a recent thread – this is a year old and got bumped due to recent changes which seem intentional; whereas the original post seems to be more or less accidental. In any case, it doesn’t seem to be a bug as of now.

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It has moved!!

You must verify the pin if you have one before saving it tho!!

mark this as a solution if it helped


If only Roblox had been more transparent about the changes they make, then we’d be more aware of what their intentions are. They’ve already made unannounced changes to profile statuses, and now this?

it’s really not that big of a deal. If you have Microsoft Edge, simply just change your bio there. No need to stress. I’m sure Roblox doesn’t want to make things WORSE for their players.

It’s on the profile now apparently.

Going to lock this since people are just repeating the same thing in different phrasing now