BoxHandleAdornments laggier than Parts?

BoxHandleAdornments are just like parts except for the fact that they have no physics. By that logic they should be better on performance than parts, but after some testing, I found that they are at least twice as heavy on performance when compared to parts.
Why is this? I see no reason why they would be any heavier on performance.
I’m using them as projectiles by setting their adornee to a part at 0,0,0. This lets me set their CFrame with ease. It is being done on the server.

I’m pretty sure BoxHandleAdornments are selectable and interactive, so all that additional code and memory usage to handle the selections is probably what’s causing the extra lag.

However, I’m not sure if it shouldn’t be causing that much lag if a :Connect was never called to the adornment.

Shouldn’t there be some kind of setting to disable those events like the gui