Boxing Ring - Practice Building

Boxing Ring - Practice Building

Hello! I made this model yesterday, I just forgot to put it up here on the forum. I also did another post for today, you can check that out here.

This is just something I made playing around with the position properity (manually calculating the position for every single part :skull:, feel free to try out), you can imagine how long it took me :joy:.

I’m not sure if I will ever use this in a game, so I’m just labeling it as practice building.


Avatar is like 60x the normal size, or something like that.

Twitter version will be provided shortly, stay tuned for when that comes out (if you are not a member of the forum).

:heart: Feedback and likes are appreciated greatly! :heart:


It looks okay. It’s kind of basic but I like the details on it, 9/10!

Hey Jack, thanks for the feedback! I know it looks pretty plain, I didn’t really get around to that sort of thing.