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Hello, I’m boy1234gfe an 15-year-old Roblox Game Developer and also a self taught builder. I also would like to dive more deeper into building in Roblox platform to make me accomplish in advance or detailed building. Currently I am working for commission if someone interest to hire me! For my building experience, I have 6 month of experience in building!

What I can build for you: Low poly and detail build.

Here are the stuff that I did recently:

|Not quite good at modelling, but I tried!|:arrow_up::arrow_up:

My time zone is - Greenwich Mean Time (GMT+7). I am available only Saturday and Sunday. Also hopefully in the holiday when the high school close (which on that time I can work on nearly everyday). My work hours can change depends on the event that I have during the day. I like to work during morning and if needed I can also work at night time.

I only preferred ROBUX as my payment method…

You can contact me here on the Developer Forum or via all of the following -

DISCORD : guanglol

Thank you for reading. Feel free to contact me!