Branch Generator | Open-Source


Hello! I just open-sourced a “branch-generator”, feel free to go play with it!

alexop1000/Branch-generator: Roblox lua branch generator (

Here is a demo

Direct download:
Tree.rbxm (2.8 KB)


For some reason this won’t open in Studio even if I unzip the file. What should I do?

Oh well they are lua files so you can just copy paste the code in :slight_smile: I’ll upload a .rbxm file too. (Done)

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Thank you. That will probably be easier lol.

Edit: I just tried it, it’s cool. I will definitely be using this for my builds!

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Change the .rbxm to .rbxl. At least it works for me.


I’m gonna use it for Crazy stuff btw is there a limit to it?

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Only what your computer can handle

Well that was satisfying to watch.


Ok then rip my pc for this plugin

Wow this uses a lot of parts. Is there any way to lessen the lag? Also you should add a download option from Roblox as a Roblox Model.

Sorry for the delayed response. You are free to try to experiment with optimizing it, but with the method currently used, you could just reduce the number of points used.