Brand Guidelines for "Sign-In with ROBLOX"

Currently working on a prototype for a website that would utilize a “Sign-In with ROBLOX” feature. You can see an example of this with Axon, a website developed for a ROBLOX group that uses O-Auth2 the same way I’m planning to.

I’m aware of new brand guidelines for Roblox’s logo, are there any regulations in regards to these buttons? Is using the Roblox Icon fine for the button? Just curious as to whether or not Roblox has mentioned something like this.


First off, move this into some sort of #help-and-feedback sub category. Also I think this should be OK.


Roblox has a support article that was posted last year that somewhat gives an insight on branding guidelines, but after looking through the article I wasn’t able to find any conclusive materials that involve using the Roblox logo for SSO.

I know this category is relatively vague and doesn’t seem to fit this post much, however none of the #help-and-feedback sub-categories are appropriate for this topic.

This category can be used for anything you would like to discuss about development. I belive that this would count but I agree that you should consider moving this to a different topic at some point @hhu_nter :sweat_smile:

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why not put it in #help-and-feedback:platform-usage-support

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@mekboy21 You’ve established that this topic should be moved elsewhere so let’s start solving this issue shall we?

Now, to answer your question, Roblox doesn’t give any concise conclusion about this however I’ll reach out to a few DevRel contacts of mine and see what I can do do!


Very helpful of you, I appreciate it! Also I have since moved the topic, for anybody who’s concerned.


What site is this, why does clicking “<13 account?” redirect me to discord?

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Anyhow, I’ve spoken to a few people and you should be all good to use it for your OAuth page!

bruh, discord is meant for 13+, why that website is trying to get kids to use discord lol

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It’s meant for people who have accounts <13, but are still 13+ themselves.

It’s really not lol, meant for accounts with inaccurate DOB’s.