*BRAND NEW* ATTN Pro; Scripters, Vehicle Builders, Clothing Designers, and lighting *!* ...etc 1-10,000+ USD Opportunities *!*


:exclamation: Only vehicle builder needed from the builder category (refer to below) :exclamation:

:exclamation: First things first, look I’ve had a lot of people who aren’t qualified for what I’m looking for contact me. I’m honestly only interested in people that specialize in top quality ROBLOX games and who have years of experience.:exclamation:

I would like to be able to submit my place for future ROBLOX events, so I need quality . The type of quality I’m most looking for is most similar to the 2018/19 Egg Hunt. If you do not have a lot of background experience or a juicy portfolio I most likely will not be interested, this is to save us both time out of respect. Thanks.

I have been looking for the perfect fit for every job for my game, so there is a chance you might have seen me post about this project before. I have not rushed the process of finding the perfect fit for each job because I hold high standards to this game. I could overlook the perfect person for the job by rushing. I plan on working on other games in the future as well so if things go well working with you then there is definitively a high possibility of collaboration in the future.

Depending on the job, I will need you to join me in game to see exactly what I need for certain areas in my game to assure a perfect fit. I need quality over quantity always. If you have good suggestions or ideas please be sure to tell me because I might ask you to create them for me.

The game I’m working on is a combination of experiences inspired by some of ROBLOXs top games over the course of 07- today, as well as my own unique fresh ideas. This game will feature aspects from adventure, simulator, obby and role play categories.

I am currently looking for players experienced in the following fields:


  • Will need to bring more life to areas in order to bring good vibes to players. You will need to be able to bring life to areas like crystal and glowing mushroom caves, volcano, boss battle area, in buildings, and on the beach etc… by using lighting and particles as well as any previous knowledge in order to achieve the right vibes.

Building (Buildings,vehicles etc . Possibly forgetting a few things)

  • I’m looking for slightly detailed but efficient quality of builds that blend with the game style/areas.
  • Boss battle area (Needs to be kind of big and detailed but efficient so there can be a lot going on at once in that area. I have some references. The player will be teleported to the boss battle world when completing the game.)
  • I’ll need the inside of a cool really trippy and cool vib/club hangout room designed and built as well. I have a few ideas of things I would like to add to it. (The terrain walls will pulsate cool colors with a script I have, Ill change the properties and show if needed. )
  • I’ll need a big sand castle with some cool stuff for player to spend some time there. (Ill show you it’ll make more sense)
  • I need a laboratory sticking out of a terrain mountain that I have. (Players go into the bottom of a mountain and finish a little lab side quest in order to get a prize, or complete a task. Ill possibly need the insides of the lab as well as the part players see from further away sticking out of the mountain)
  • I’ll need a temple you walk into a crack in a wall (Join in game to understand) and find opening inside that has the front of a old temple and the goal is to do a few cool tasks in the temple and then steal a artifact and escape out the back into a cave)
  • I have a sword fighting area in game and a little viewing box where you can watch people sword fight and I’d need it finished pretty much with some details.
  • I’ll probably need a cool unique background for the opening cut scene into to be built as well.


  • 2-3 Cool looking boat welded together. (break apart)
  • 1 Jetski similar to the jetski in jailbreak.
  • 2 Cool boats for people to buy in game.
  • 1 Small rocket / plane

Scripting (Would really be helpful if you would edit particles, lights and slight GUI changes)
I have someone who does some scripting for me but I just need to speed up the process and hire someone who likes to handle harder requests.

  • I’ll need a really cool boss battle cut scene and then battle. (I have the animations)
  • I’ll need a professional intro scripted similar to the intro screen in Q Clash.
  • I’ll need a checkpoint system and a coin/diamond type of system as well, will most likely have to tie everything together with the checkpoints and currencies.
  • I need a pro shop scripted and I’d like it to be like (you guessed it) the shop from the ROBLOX egg hunt. (Getting UI made)
  • I’ll need pets scripted as well as game passes to own multiple pets etc.
  • I’ll need multiple tools and items scripted in game as well.
  • Clothing Shop
  • Effects for players, etc…
    (In other words pretty much a on call pro scripter that can fit me into their day most days out of a week)

Modeling (Reducing triangles for me also) + (design and build)

  • I need some pets right now I’m just trying to get as many submissions or types of ideas for pets so I can pick the right style or individual pet submissions as of right now.
  • I have some models that I just need either reduced in size or separated. (Some of the ones I need reduced do have a texture but most don’t but I have a decent list so it would probably be a bulk deal)


  • Will work with me to develop a line of clothes for my game as well as different types of clothes for guys and girls to buy. I need a large variety of high quality clothes for the shop. Quality is KEY! (Surprisingly I hardly hear from clothing designers these days, this could be your chance.)

If I’m extremely interested in your work then I might want you to start right away!

What I expect is professional quality from every aspect of the game in order to maintain easy fun flowing game for players. I expect high quality work that fits with the games vibes. Good communication skills are appreciated. Discord calls are 100x times easier to explain things about the tasks, so please have a discord. I will check progress daily and want to maintain a healthy relationship with one another.
In order to achieve the full potential of the game I do have to be quite particular on what gets added and who helps out.

Our payment and method will be agreed upon before each project is started. My preferred payment method is USD. I will pay in full at the end of the job or as we go at the completion of each task. Payment will be between 1-10,000$ USD! Payment can’t be determined until I know how much it would cost to complete the said task . It is worth the time for sure to get in on this project, so just message me to find out the exact specifications for each job!

:gem: Quality over quantity all day every day. :gem:

:briefcase: Please have a portfolio on hand or examples of your previous work. :briefcase:

Before messaging me: Don’t say you are interested in working then not reply when I ask for a portfolio. This is for serious applicants only.

You can contact me directly on the Dev Forums or on my Discord @ DeepFreeze#3828

I am on EST time but I’m up a lot to try to work with people in other time zones.

You must be 13+ years or older to apply.

Thanks for stopping by!
Have a great day! :smile:



You might want to avoid content that may be DMCAd in the future…

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Was using it as a analogy, but I will also take that aspect into consideration .

I want to be the builder, please.

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I don’t really understand why would you use analogy for examples but that’s up to you my friend.

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here’s my portfolio

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I would like to be in your project…I have projects from my previous works

this is the dinsing I use for my gfx
DISCORD : artist- gfx-2D-foxy681864#4367

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I think I can do the cannon :cowboy_hat_face:

Lau2971 | 3D Modeler

Updated the post, looking for builders because the person I wanted to work with isn’t replying.

Still have open positions I need to fill asap.

Are you still looking for a builder?

If you arent pressed for time, I suppose I can try for your scripter spot. If its still open.

I could still pretty much use all the roles, I haven’t been getting the quality of portfolios I have been looking for.

Question: Will the payment be payed after the asset/job is done or once the game is released?

Also, I will most likely be moving the minimum age to 16-18 because its getting so stressful not getting the extreme quality I need and I feel as if the age might be a factor. More than likely if I work with someone once I’ll want to work with them in the future if things work out. I totally reworded and retyped my whole recruitment form and I’m still getting a lot younger people and or people with no experience trying to apply that don’t know about studio asking to work for free or at extremely cheap rates… only looking for extremely skilled devs so please everyone, save yourself the time if you are not qualified. Thanks.

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I might be interested in this, my age is 20 At the moment.

Here is my portfolio.

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