Brand New Devforum PAYS MONEY! This is a brand new website. it is a general based forum, it is a combination of the devforum, and other forums such as v3rmillion so you can easily find or ask for ways to patch exploits. They pay $1/10 invites to the website which is here FOREVER and there is an infinite amount of cashouts. To cashout just join the discord and dm the owner with proof!

They even have shop items such as glowing names or converting credits into USD which the devforum doesnt have! Also has a reputation system to punish bad actors! Join today!

What…? This is really, actually, what the DevForum has come to…? I guess some people want it to be an ExploiterForum instead? :rofl:

Even better, “Thanks, but we’ve already reviewed that post and determined it does not need to be flagged again.”, what…? Who reviews these in 10 minutes and determinates that?


Is this guy really mad about an exploiter forum you can find exploits on there and a lot of people use exploit forums to find exploits for their game to patch

determines what bro theres nothing wrong with the post. take your schizophrenia pills you’re having an episode right now clearly theres nothing wrong…

Can confirm, that I’m generating my free Infinite Robux (by stealing it) and flinging people with some random script on a website to ‘patch my game’, on the few yet-to-be hyperion-protected clients. Makes perfect sense to me! I’m so ready for the next generation of the DevForum.


blud cant patch basic exploits thats crazy :skull:

This must be a scam

Why would you advertise a sketchy website that to me sounds like a scam, I have heard about Temu being a scam, so I highly doubt this isn’t a scam

Um actually ive heard about a chinese app being a scam so umh actually according to my calculations to pi of the power of a quintillion this 100 and i mean 100 percent this website is a scam :nerd_face:

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At this point you’re violating the Global Rule 9

“Um actually ur violating a rule pls dont bully me im weak and get bullied irl”

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It literally doesnt even have anything for money U DIDNT EVEN CHECK IT LOL

I won’t since the URL is sketchy, also you are violating a rule of #resources:community-resources

I worked on it :scream: also shut up nobody likes you

Also you haven’t even contributed to the devforum so don’t say anything about rules.

You do not own that, Only post it if you own it, I’d go onto @moo1210’s side

I have been contributing for over a year from now, I gotta mute this post and enjoy my day since you are arguing


Good mute it. Nobody wants you here pal.