Brand new Roblox Studio icons for macOS

Hello there, I designed some new icons that fits the new Big Sur design. I Use them personally and wanted to share with you

In this topic you will see, how to install the icons and where to download the icons

Downloading the icons

Link: 436.7 KB folder on MEGA

Text Tutorial of installing

Installing the icons
Great, now follow these steps

  1. Open finder
  2. Go to applications folder
  3. Find RobloxStudio
  4. Right click to RobloxStudio and click Show Package Contents
    Now confirm that youre on the same place
  5. Locate this file in Resources
  6. Rename your downloaded icon to AppIcon
  7. Delete the AppIcon file in RobloxStudio
  8. Replace the file with your downloaded icon
    This icon may reset after updating
    Now your half way, just some minor changes needed
  9. Go to Applications
  10. Locate Studio
  11. Right click studio and click get info
  12. Drag your downloaded icon to the place highlighted
Video of installing

- YouTube


And youre done! I know its messy. Feel free to get help


You should post a screenshot of those icons in Studio. It’s hard to figure out what to expect without downloading.


Sorry for that, I was planning to add previews

though it would be better if you would give feedback

To clarify guys on mac you can drag any image into the info of a application and it will convert it to a “icns” file then use it as the application image

The old studio icon? I recommend going to and searching for Roblox. You can get updated icons there!

I appreciate these icons. :smiley:

OMG thank you for making this…

As an Apple Fan, this is long overdue… Roblox needs to add this natively as soon as possible…