Bratish - Affiliation Information

bratish - Affiliation Information



  • Group must have minimum of 100 members. We’d like to also be benefiting off the group rather than just them benefiting off us.

  • Group must not have any bad reputation within our group. We must have a good reputation with the group and it’s members so no future complications occur.

  • Group must be active and provide excellent service towards our community. Activity and dedication is required as we need other groups to help us as we need to help other groups.

  • Group must be some sort of business group. We would like to form affiliations with groups that are working with their community and providing diligent services rather than a group that isn’t working in things such as a business.

  • Group must have a Discord server. As we need some sort of communication, a server is a requirement.

  • Group must be a professional group. As we don’t want any sort of complications and our group’s reputation to get ruined, we’re extremely strict on our professionalism.


Affiliate Information

If decided to be apart of our team, there are some things that must be known. As our group is currently working to provide great services, we have some regulations that must be followed or further consequences may occur such as a warning, termination of our alliance, and/or a permanent alliance blacklist. We want to make sure we’re doing the correct thing for our community and we can’t form alliance with groups that could affect the entire community.



[1] Please inform us of the group link and Discord Server link.

[2] What interest you in forming an alliance with our group?

[3] What would you like us to bring to your group?

[4] What can your group do for our group?

[5] How many current members do you have?

[6] If you could change 1 thing about our group, what would you change?

[7] What plans and goals does your group have if we do become allies?



In order to submit your application, you must message a member of the Public Relations department (preferably the head of the department) all the questions and answers. You will most likely receive your results within the next couple of days after submitting. We recommend being as detailed as you can and using a minimum of 3 sentences for your answers. We also will give exceptions to groups who request an exception before applying.


We would like to thank you for your interest in forming an alliance with our group! We’re grateful to know that you’re interested in forming an alliance and we wish you the best!

Signed, the Corporate Team
Last Updated: 6/21/20
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