Break Combo if no one is hit by uplift

I have a typical combat system GPO style. An issue I am having → if user does uplift attack and no one is there it still proceeds to do Air1,Air2,Air3. But I want to break that logic and make the combo reset back to M1, if not one is hit… Now I know it’s not hard to do what I mentionned butt I have a hard time setting it up with my current combat system.

I have an animation handler and a hit handler.

In my animation handler I play all the animations for m1-m5,uplift-air1,air3
In my hit handler I handle all the damage/hitbox/etc.

How I handle combo reset for M5 and Air3 in animation handler :

if currentTime - playerData.lastPlayed > 1 then
    playerData.clickCount = 0
    playerData.comboCooldown = false
    if playerData.inAir then
        playerData.inAir = false
        playerData.airComboIndex = 1
        character:SetAttribute("AirCombat", nil)

For hitbox detect I do something like this ```lua
		if hasHit then return end

		local hitCharacter = hit.Parent
		local hitHumanoid = hitCharacter:FindFirstChildOfClass("Humanoid")
		if hitHumanoid and hitCharacter ~= character then```

What approach can I take to do this here `if the player is doing uplift and did not touch anyone with the hitbox --> apply reset combo logic`

I have a table called hit table, and insert players / characters hit with a hitbox. After I delete the hitbox I look through it you could do something similar.

local airArray = {}
-- Hitbox hits something, table.insert(airArray, value) etc,
-- Hitbox destroyed
if #airArray > 0 then -- Hit more than 0 people. 
     -- Do air combo
else -- Hit nobody