Breakdown on how VFX work

Hey, If you have any idea on how do VFX work like projectile vfx or anchored to a place above, side, back, front, or even welded to a certain part of a character, Please share. I have been trying to find a explained breakdown on how this things work as some vids on youtube don’t really make it precise as they tend to add more things to the explanation and make it a whole lot harder to understand. Here are some video reference that you can take a look on the type of vfx I mean.

reference 1.

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reference 2.

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reference 3.

(for this reference a simple question will be “how do you make delayed particles happen? is it by script or?”)
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reference 4.


For the last question that would really hit the bell for those trying to learn vfx. How do you animate the particles? for example in the forth reference how would I make a particle appear at a certain time

as seen here the 1st one that shows up for this skill is the beam.

next one is this particles, the circular and the line ones.

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Looks like a combination of particles, beams, and trails. Do some major investigations on those instances and you’ll be a VFX pro in no time B)

I had been trying but no one seems to explain the part on how they appear in a certain amount of time and disappear, then even if I did in the comments no one seems to try and reply so I got tired and made a topic here on the Dev forum so when people try and learn vfx they could find a easy source of help. Just wondering on how do they time it?

Have you tried using wait() functions and adjusting the speeds?

There’s a scripting function for timing. If you want to do timed particles set emmission to 0 and then local particles = -- index your particles
particles:Emit(--[[a number representing the amount of particles]])
Read this and this to learn more on how it works.
If your particles disappear too quickly or too late then just play with the lifetime property

this would help me AS WELL!!!
(if there are more please keep sharing!)