Breaking bad type game

A mutual invited me to script his breaking bad like game, and he said the name for it is going to be Fixing Nice and that the drug name would be called Funky Rocks

Thoughts on this!?!??!


Lol, its very creative i’m going to say that as long as you don’t like show how its being used i dont think roblox tos will get you for it. Just watch out because they have been strict these past few updates

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Alright thanks for the heads up


Wait, you want to present a game about drugs to children?

I’m disgusted.


the drugs weren’t even the worst part of the show, how can anything of that series be adapted to a videogame friendly enough for Roblox?


It’s not even suppose to be a drug at that point and we’re thinking about rating it over 13 or more

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In the game, it’s not supposed to be a drug

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It doesn’t matter. Setting your game to 13+ really doesn’t doing anything at this point, it’s too new.

The game is a ‘Breaking Bad’ game, sounds like a drug to me.

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But how do you base a roblox game off any content of that series, even with replacing the meth? nothing from it is kid-friendly

This is probably a bad idea, but if you are willing to risk a ban then i guess you can go for it.

I wouldn’t include any drugs at all if you value the game. I know that this may not be what you want to hear but I would stay on the safer side and replace the drugs with something else that could be considered more friendly to all types of users or just remove everything having to do with illicit substances entirely. (Rating it 13+ won’t always work to keep out <13 users).

Even then, I doubt this would work, because Breaking Bad is a show about drugs, and that is not something for children to watch.

You do you though, and in the end none of us can control your decisions. These are just strong recommendations.

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Thanks for all the opinions,I’ll leave this project and it seems like they’re rushing the game as well , but thanks guys