Breakpoint is tweening position when created in Team Create?

Is this a bug? Or does this have some purpose?

It seems to tween on commented/whitespace lines, however it still happens on certain filled lines too.


I believe that is partially intended.

The breakpoints are moved down because they only work on statements (not ends or newlines), but it appears that they are broken. What is the code in those lines, by the way? It shouldn’t be moving from line 90 to an end (those aren’t interpreted, so breakpoints should be avoiding these).

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The line it was moving from was doing HTTP:PostAsync().

The one above it that worked was just a simple variable.

Maybe it’s an issue caused by team create? I’ll dig a bit further to get a proper repo.

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I am also able to reproduce this, I am pretty certain it is not intended.

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Seems like a bug. If this is related to a recent change, the engineers will probably flip a flag and resolve this pretty quickly if you move this to Studio Bugs and add a repro.

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How’d you do it?

In between other things I’m still trying to figure it out haha