Breathing new life into ROBLOX gear

When gear was first introduced to ROBLOX, I imagine the staff had a vision that players would be using them across nearly all games. Instead, it ended up that seeing gear used in a game is an extreme rarity. As a result, gear is essentially useless – it shows up on my character in avatar thumbnails (along with an awkward (in some cases) arm raise), and I never see it anywhere else. Why buy gear if I never get to use it?

Gear should be an equippable accessory which can be taken into any game. All the disappointed mages could bring their staves into games, samurai could brandish the swords they stake their honor on, and the esteemed knights of RedCliff can remain vigilant with their bows at their back:

There are some gear that wouldn’t be equippable, like cars/motorcycles, but any gear that can be attached to the player and isn’t a separate body should be equippable as an accessory. That way, I can show off the gear I buy in any game I go to.


yes please

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Maybe vehicles could be equippable using /emotes, allowing players to awkwardly sit in place on their motorcycles. The animations would have to be completely harmless to gameplay, though.


That would be pretty interesting. I don’t imagine we’d have problems with motorcycles, but for players who have cars, they might be too large the harmlessly add to the game, even for an emote.

Aye, but we don’t have to allow players to summon full sized cars for their animations if we don’t let them have the real gear in the first place. A smaller toy car for the robloxian to play with on the floor is the laziest solution I can think of right now.

but this would make my favourite hat obsolete :- (

But how can you be an arch mage without a staff? :o

Fear not – it won’t be obsolete. That’s definitely a lot better looking than your traditional ROBLOX gear, and it’s limited+expensive too, so it’ll still “wow” people.

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As long as guns are’t excluded from being worn, I support.


Even just being able to equip it in-game without running any scripts would be something.

This would be problematic for games that make certain assumptions about tools in their games (e.g. “A tool will never be equipped” or “only these tools will be equipped”).

There are multiple ways around this. Adding a class for gears which will be stored in a custom container inside of the player. Then just changing how they are equipped. Of course games should still be able to decide but I imagine far more will allow users to bring their gear in-game.

I don’t suppose that would be a bad counterpart to wearing them as accessories, but implementing that would require it to be default-off on existing places for backwards compatibility, so gear would still not see much use if this was implemented on its own.

If there was a new emote call /e gear, I’d be down for runescape-inspired emotes in game.
It’d be part of the default Animation script and games with custom scripts wont be affected. The only issue is that some gear items may need props for proper animations.


now THIS i could get behind

This is actually a great idea, I would definitely love to see this happen. A lot of gear that goes on avatars (e.g. a bow) should be equippable as accessories/props.


I think another thing that could give gear new life is giving them actual idle animations instead of having the simple right arm raised, everything else stuck in a t-pose type of deal that worked back in old Roblox.

Here’s an example of what I’m talking about (in Unreal Tournament 4.)

And then me trying to have a gear in my avatar currently:

But gear is so criminally underused now, that I cannot imagine Roblox taking the time to revamp gears.


I think, even if Roblox revamps gears and makes them perfect, it is impossible for them to be purchased any more than they are purchased now as the developers have the right to whether use gear or not. The reason for this is because game developers can simply not allow gear from the catalog while copying the exact same gear into their game and selling it to be used only in that game. So if the player wants that gear, they would maybe have to buy it again on every game, and probably even for a higher price.

I can only see Roblox revamping gear for how the avatar looks. They could make animations for weapons and stuff so your character would look cooler when you have equipped a gear.

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I think that should honestly be how gears should be handled.

1st priority being the cosmetic look, the 2nd priority being the function.

I think having a gun be held the correct way would be way more worthy of a purchase than something scripted that may or may not be used in over 99% of Roblox games.


All gear should just become accessories and gear itself should be removed. I’d be sad to see it go but it’s been a while since gear has even been usable.

Now that Rthro is a thing I believe it’s the perfect time to update gear.


While I strongly agree on the idea of them becoming accessories, I do not think Roblox will ever remove them. Let’s not forget the fact that many players have spent billions of Robux on them, and there is even limited gear available on the catalog.

They should be updated, not removed.