Brew Bakeries | Ranks and Jobs

How to rank up? What are the perks of each rank? Check them out under here

Non employee
ID Rank
1 Valued Customer
2 Noted Customer
S Suspended
A Allied Representative
Low Ranks
ID Rank
3 Awaiting Training
4 Young Cashier
5 Cashier
6 Master Cashier
4 Young Baker
5 Baker
6 Master Baker
7 Kitchen Leader
ID Rank
8 Intern
9 Assistant Supervisor
10 Supervisor
11 Assistant Manager
12 Manager
13 Senior Manager
ID Rank
14 Junior Corporate
15 Corporate
16 Senior Corporate
17 Executive Corporate
High Ranks
ID Rank
C Contractor
18 Chief Operating Officer
19 Chief Relations Officer
20 Chief Faculty Officer
21 Chief Executive Officer
Senior High Ranks
ID Rank
22 Vice-President
23 President
- Vice Chairwoman/man
- Chairwoman
- Holder

How to get promoted?
The main way to get promoted is by being active and getting noticed. Think about being really active, always using grammar, and always being mature.

For LR’s (3 - 7) you can get promoted in the following way:
3 → 4, attend a training.
4 → 5, 50 worker points or 2 total training hours.
5 → 6, 100 worker points or 3 total training hours.
6 → 7, 200 worker points and attending a double training, one for cashier training and one for baker training.
7 → Intern, In order to rank up to intern you need to pass the intern applications. These applications open once a month. Join the community server for more information.

In order to become an employee at Brew Bakeries you need to apply, you can apply for intern and trainee. Intern apps are only for Kitchen Leaders and open once a month.

Trainee applications: Click Here!
Intern applications: Check out our community server!

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