Brick Collision and Shadow Bugs

Currently, in my game I have a character rig which I weld to the player’s HumanoidRootPart. However, whenever a part in the custom character hits a wall too fast, (as well as a few other situations which I can’t replicate), all the bricks in the custom and regular character disappear, and a massive shadow appears.

MP4 to show issue:

I’ve had a similar issue with Kinetic Code. Have you tried disabling CanCollide?

When cancollide is disabled on them, I don’t get that issue from looking down into walls quickly. However, the player can now stick his head through walls. As well, the issue still happens, just for unknown reasons instead of collision.

Does the head collision issue still happen even with Collision on? I’ve noticed it doesn’t stop the issue on my rigs but it may be different with yours. Sorry for the off-topic.

The head going through walls is for when it does not have collision, which is normal.

Yes but when the head has collision on does it still happen for a split second?

Yeah, the head will still hit the wall and go inside it for a split moment before getting pushed out.

Ah damn I was hoping you had a fix for it. I’ve had this idea of drawing a ray from behind the camera forward and if it collides with a wall or something it would maybe move the character back or tilt the spine back a bit or something.

Couldn’t you just put an invisible hitbox on the head that’s larger than the head? That way if it clipped into the wall, the camera would still not be at the wall.

That’s a thought. Is that what you do? Does it work?

I don’t do anything right now because the collision killing the player + big shadow bug is wayyy more pressing for me.

I’m curious to see if your “bighead” idea would solve your shadow bug…

The disappear and shadow thing happens if the CFrame offset in a weld or motor gets set to NaN. I experienced it when I had a divide-by-zero component of Angles.

@ScriptOn (since you said you also had it)