BrickBattle Royale Combat Testing!

So you like Fortnite huh? Well here, at Team Rudimentality, we’ve been working on our brand new battle royale game - BrickBattle Royale. Now I could sit here and give you the elevator pitch that’s just vague enough to pique your curiosity - but I won’t. Instead, I’ll explain it in detail, exactly what the game is. Here we go.

BrickBattle Royale is the game mode of Fortnite with the guns of Blockland and the point of view from The Divison with the grind rails of Sunset Overdrive and the programmer of Polyguns and it has lore (but it doesn’t).

But that’s not what I’m really here to pitch you. Instead, we need your help! We set up a free for all combat testing game so we can gather feedback on the game before we release it in the full, BR mode it’s destined to be in. We’d really appreciate it if you took the time and checked it out!


it’s not fortnite mom it’s roblox


First off I got to say, I love the sound when I am shooting a gun, It feels like it’s happening in real life.

This is also so similar to fortnite in gameplay, probably the most realistic in Roblox, and that’s a compliment, this is really good!

It’s also super cool where you can pick up dropped weapons, and when someone dies their weapons fall out and rotate.

The overall mechanics of the game are super cool and I am very excited for what the main game will look like.


i rate it 10 / 10 speedy katanas, would play again


people lunging like halfway across the map with a couple katana swings, pretty sure it’s and exploit with the attack+lunge or something

other than that though it feels pretty good

Killed 10 people in a row trying to kill me with guns, with a katana



Map seems a little small. Is it temporary?

Yeah but Island Royale

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Yeah but Strucid, Yeah but Prison Royale, yeah yeah yeah. :))

Every game has a factor that makes it special. I’m in love with the gameplay I’ve seen. Cool characters (and I’m talking about how the movement, animations, placement make it appealing), maps (those are some glorious maps I gotta say, way different than IR), mechanics (rotating guns, low poly? WhooooWeeee!!). So yeah ;^)


Yeah this is only one of the zones from the full BR map!

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We wanted to do something original :wink:

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im actually having alot of fun on this. just please have the killfeed track when you knock someone down and thats all i would need

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Yeah but scuffed Fortnite

At least this feels original so far.


I really like it, it plays smoothly and quick which is exactly what I’d expect. The only thing I do not like, however, is how sensitive the movement is. I would slightly move my mouse right before dash attacking with the katana and I’d suddenly be going the completely wrong direction. I suggest adding a sensitivity slider to allow people to customize that as it did not feel natural to me.

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In the full release of the game we’d like to add in a full player controls update with keybinds and sensitivity and stuff like that. Was Roblox’s sensitivity bar not working in this scenario? Just curious if the issue was with something else than actually sensitivity.

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I didn’t even know there was a Roblox sensitivity bar, but I’ve never had issues in other games with it so I think it has to do with your combat system.

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The movement feels really cool
The responsiveness of weapons dealing damage feels ass though. Hit indication noises would be nice- or more noticable ones at least.
Sword feels really cheesy when I spam clim, spacebar, and F- but I kind of don’t want it removed cause the movement of it reminds me of Gunz the Duel

If you made this into a battle royale and somehow the servers didn’t make everyone stutter as much for easy hits, I’d unironically play this

The reports of stutters is really really odd - we haven’t had any issues from anyone else that characters have been jittery? And to be totally honest, we all are almost wanting to turn down our hitmarker sounds because of how loud they can get.

Lots of balance updates coming out soon to help counter the cheese of swords in general though - we want to make sure it stays viable without feeling cheap.