BrickBattle Royale Patch Notes / 3.21.2019 - BETA 2



Medkits are no longer backpack items and are instead treated as a resource, like ammo

This is one of the most exciting changes for Brickbattle Royale! Medkits will no longer crowd up your backpack and instead will be put into their own resource slot. This resource slot is displayed right next to your backpack. Press X in order to use one!

Players now start off with four inventory slots rather than five

This is to make room for the medkit change explained previously. Rather than allowing players to keep every possible weapon type in hand, we want to encourage smart gameplay as well.

Revolver damage increased from 32 dps to 40 dps

We have felt the revolver was in a bad place since the first release of the game, and we think this should help improve its viability against automatic weapons. It is still a skill-based weapon, which inherently locks it away as a difficult one, but shots will hit harder.

Rocket Launchers are now classified as gadgets rather than weapons. Rocket ammo was removed.

Well, we listened to all the feedback you guys gave over the issues with explosive weapons and we agreed with a lot of the testaments echoed throughout your complaints. We lowered the viability ot rocket launchers by removing them as “weapons” and instead considering them as gadgets. They now only contain a limited amount of ammo that is not able to be picked up.

Burst Rifles damage was increased from 16 dps to 18 dps

Like the revolver, this gun has felt pretty underwhelming since our first release. This should up its viability in a growing field of diverse weapons.

Laser attachment now lowers recoil 10-30%

This should help players notice a difference between having a laser attachment or not other than just for cosmetic purposes.

Shotguns now have consistent spread patterns and their own ammo category

No more RNG! Yay!


5 New Guns:

  • LMG
  • Heavy Burst
  • Tactical Shotgun
  • Machine Pistol
  • Automatic Shotgun

As always, let us know if any of the new guns are OP. We are also looking to change the names for these weapons, if you guys have any ideas feel free to give us suggestions!

2 New Melee Weapons:

  • Fishing Rod
  • Axe

Added stat tracking

We’ve heard your calls! A new page in the main menu lets you view any stats you gather going forward. If there are any categories you’d like added to being tracked, let us know.

Added two new purchasable skins

Only a little bit longer before the battle pass… we promise.

Added new default skins

This change has been live for awhile, along with the ability to choose which skin your character is wearing, but check them out if you haven’t already!

Completely revamped our chat system

With our new, custom chat, players should be able to switch between team chat and game chat by pressing ~, hopefully improving communication between squad mates.

Added an extended barrel attachment

This attachment works to lowering a weapon’s damage drop off, as well as slightly extends the range of a weapon.

Player backpack now uses viewport frames

This allows us to add weapons into the game much fastier and easier, as well as display attachments properly (and gun skins when more come). This should not cause any performance issues.

Added keybind adjustments

This is a change we actually have had live for awhile, but they should be bug free and they save between games. Check them out if you haven’t already!

Separated solo and team queue

Again, this has been live for a little while. We’re currently exploring options to split up queues even further to help with balancing issues, but for the time being at least solo players will have significantly less issues with being demolished by teams.


Armor is now automatically picked up

More equip and reload sounds were added to various weapons

Drop ship no longer flies across the direct center of the map

Zone barriers now emit sound

Can now heal outside of the zone

Katana animations were redone

Camera now ignores other player characters

Players may now join after the drop ship has started moving

Scopes are accurate to where bullets will land

Damage delay after being downed

Visual and audio effects after squad member goes down

Squads now stay together more consistently after their rounds end

Camera shake added while skydiving in the beginning

Reviving sound was added

Improved UI

General bug fixes



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