Brickbattler Update-Log #1

Hello welcome to the first update log of the upcoming game…



How disappointing, just a single line of bold text, here let me fix that for you whoever designed this post! (definitely not me)

NOT disappointing title

How about that ey!
you can’t say that’s disappointing, well you could… that’s not the point, now onward!

Alright, before we continue lets rewind to when this project started.

Original project

This game was originally meant to be an adventure game, 2 days into development I realized…

I literally was already working on an adventure game, that’s what I call a real
Bruh moment

I already had a combat system implemented so I decided I would turn this project into a combat game!

a couple days later, boom! the original brickbattler!
–I reccomend you turn your volume down it’s kind of l o u d

wowie so simplistic!

Now on to the actual update log (these are stuff and things I added after the original project.)

  1. Sliding.

Nothing much I can say on this one, it’s pretty straight forward and kool :DD. You can slide and your speed slowly decrease over time. Sliding makes you harder to attack!
(Footage: OLD)

  1. Running/Sprinting.

    Now you can go super sonic speed (23 WalkSpeed), you can also run away from enemies.
    Oh yeah forgot to mention you can only slide if you’re running. the more you know;
    (Footage: OLD)

  1. kool epoc ui epix

Oh yeah I also made this cool new UI
(Slightly outdated)

  1. Punching

    You can attack your enemies now! I used a raycasting hitbox made by @TeamSwordphin huge thanks to her, go check her out he makes some pretty cool stuff!
    (Footage: OLD-ish)

Now what does all of this together make

Final project!

Well all of this together makes th-
Who put this here, this doesn’t resemble my game at all!

Actual final project!


Well uh, that’s the end!
for reading my post I reward you with a free dvd:

Oh yeah one more thing, I don’t have a release date for this game, so let’s just hope it comes out soon
and I don’t give up on it like 849,849,284,298,498,429,264,649 of my other games!

ok bye now