BrickColor Wheel

I made this handy color wheel with only palette BrickColors to help me get my color schemes more precise:

For each given HSV, it calculated the closest BrickColor from the palette. I only used palette colors because the wiki says other colors might not show up right online. When calculating distance, I had to give hue more weight because colors of clearly different hues were showing up in the same saturation/value panels. There are still a few mishaps but I think it’s good enough to work with!

ColorWheel.rbxmx (675.6 KB)



Someone needs to make a plugin where you click a part and then you use your mouse wheel and scroll through the colors ti’ll you find the right one, now that would be really handy.

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Edit: Actually I only count 53 of 128 o_O

for _,v in next, game.Selection:Get()[1]:GetChildren() do
	exist[v.BrickColor.Name] = 1
local total=0
for n,_ in next, exist do

Hmm that’s weird. I know that BrickColors aren’t distributed evenly across all hues, values, and saturations, but I was expecting more than 53 different colors to show up o_O

I posted the source code. You can check it out if you want.

I’ll see what I can do next time I work on my utility plugin

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