can return deprecated BrickColors

I made an HSV color picker that returns the closest BrickColor for my building game. I’m using to find the closest match, but sometimes I get deprecated colors:

These colors work if colored from the client, but they don’t show up correctly to everyone else. I don’t really think there’s a use for it to return broken BrickColors, so it should be fixed.

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Why won’t they just re-enable the deprecated colors? It’s just more options is it not?

Because you need more data per part to describe all of the possible BrickColors then.

To be exact, we currently have 128 brick colors, which allows only using 7 bits per brick color. Adding another 128 would require 1 more bit (not bad if you don’t have a bad connection, but 256 brick colors is a bit hard to manage), and a Color3 value is 24 bits (8 bits per number)

Dang, so sorry we missed this. If you’re still having the issue, would you mind filing another report, @Tinarg ? We’ll get to it. Huge apologies.

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