Brightness bug which completely "ruins" lighting

Hello, been encountering a bug on a specific place where if the brightness property of lighting is >0, the entire map becomes blanketed in a very strong blue tint.

It occurs regardless of: lighting technology, lighting FX, lighting settings, or brightness level (could be .1 or could be 10.)

It makes for some interesting visuals though…

This is the immediate effect when the brightness is changed from 0 to (any number).

The effect when all lighting FX (atmosphere, color correction, sunrays) are removed.

The effect a second after changing, a very strong blue tint.

(cool looking sometimes)

Brightness changed from >0 to 0, a few small lighting “fragments” can be seen. Effect wears off after 5 seconds of reverting back to zero or by zooming out and then back in.

The effect occurs in testing mode.

Attempts to fix:

  • changing lighting technology
  • changing lighting FX
  • updating studio
  • publishing to a new place

LightingBug.rbxl (41.6 KB)

A blank place with the lighting bug

By changing colorshift_top and bottom to 255,255,255 the issue resolved itself. Thanks to gman for this.

This may have been intentional behavior but not sure.

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