Bring back following - at least for staff

I have been using the Follow feature for a long while to find out quickly and efficiently on what bugs were on the way of being fixed, or just what bugs have been fixed in general - not only that, but a lot of times staff replies usually highlight a lot of important information you would otherwise not find anywhere else and being unable to Follow people (or more specifically for this case, staff).
I understand many people have found the Follow feature annoying, but I don’t believe it should be fully removed just because of that. On the contrary, the ‘follow’ feature is handy & important, and I feel there should be a compromise.

This change isn’t here to stay.


Yes, we’re having some issues with a data migration for the follow plugin. I’m working with the plugin authors (Pavilion) to get it resolved. We cannot enable the plugin again until the data has been migrated.

Thanks for your patience.


This has been resolved, thanks for your patience.