Bring back Monthly membership and daily robux

ROBLOX ran better when we had memberships that lasted more than one month. half the time when my membership expires i can’t afford to pay it at the time. I didn’t have to worry about it til after at least 3 months or something.

Daily funding that we had back in the old ROBLOX where users would receive 10 tickets and 10 robux or something like that in the old days. We need that back too. Half the time I can’t afford to buy robux and there’s no other way to get any. We used to rely on daily robux. that was taken from us.

How can people afford to have fun on ROBLOX if they don’t get daily robux or longer lasting memberships?

I can’t be the only person on ROBLOX who missed these features. Many of us grew up on ROBLOX and it’s changing before our very eyes. We need some features back to help.

This request should be taken into consideration. I know there’s many reasons why it shouldn’t be a thing or why it should be, but I don’t wish to get into that topic.


Non-subscribing users (to Builders Club or Premium) never received daily Robux. Overall your feature request doesn’t make sense as it doesn’t describe a developer problem.


I think you mean a yearly membership? You never received robux as a free user, only Tix which could then be converted to Robux. Builder’s Club members used to receive their robux daily instead of at each renewal. Roblox mentioned that there would be ways to receive robux for free after Tix was removed, but it was never acted on.

In this case, you can buy Roblox gift cards and stack up credit, and it’ll auto-renew for you.


the longer memberships dont exist anymore because they cost roblox too much money
only BC members got daily robux and the cheapest premium gives the same robux in a month as the cheapest BC


Might want to read where this is posted. and non-membership people did use to get daily funding it was the tickets that kept that going, and you could convert that stuff to robux if it was still here.

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None of the memberships offer daily robux anymore.


I previously stated. I can’t always be able to afford to buy them all the time. That’s why we need to go back to daily. The thing roblox said they would do on the ways to get it. It’s like they completely forgotten about it, never acted on it once.

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If you need a consistent stream of robux from your membership, you can balance your existing robux and don’t spend what you don’t have. If you got 400 from Premium, don’t spend 200 until your membership is halfway through expiring. For the yearly subscription, you can use gift cards here when you do have money.

I don’t think this method of getting free robux will happen again unfortunately - Roblox’s revenue aside, bot farms were getting ridiculous in 2016 before they added it, and it made Robux less valuable, which was shown through the economy.


Seems to be on the Developer Forum, but this has nothing to do with development!

If you have a development-related problem that is induced by not having enough Robux, probably best to discuss that rather than whatever proposed solution you’re asking for here. Read the feature request guidelines if unsure: How to post a Feature Request


and? its the same amount of robux as you got
only difference between BC and premium is that less stuff is locked behind a paywall


What is the point of getting daily Robux exactly?
Isn’t it better to get all the Robux as soon as you purchased a subscription?

I don’t know how it was in the past, but Roblox just can’t give free Robux to everyone, even in a very small amount, because Roblox is not in the same situation than it was 10 years ago.

When Roblox was having the tix system, Roblox wasn’t as much popular as it is now, and creators wasn’t able to exchange Robux to real money until 2013, then they removed tix 3 years later in 2016, because Roblox just exploded in popularity and tix was a wall to the Roblox currency economy and the creators business model.

Actually, it would obviously make lose a lot of money to Roblox at first, and also to all creators because the Robux value would decrease a lot which mean that the Devex rate would decrease a lot too, then it would be even more harder to get a montly payment as a Roblox creator, and almost impossible for anyone to earn a living from Roblox and make it as a main job.

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Good for the community I… guess?
But; this would make roblox lose money dollar dosh coins pounds. You name it.

And they do NOT want to lose dollar.

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If you haven’t played Roblox in the past then you should know daily currency was a thing. ROBLOX is just bringing their downfall upon themselves. They have already taken everything away that was important to the platform’s community. I shouldn’t have to constantly spend irl currency all the time. I used to rely on daily currency paydays that gave you 10 ticket and if you had any of the 3 memberships BC, TBC, OBC you’d get 25 robux payday daily. It helped a lot of people especially people who can’t afford anything.

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Tix was originally removed because it was collapsing the economy, you aren’t getting the same luck here, you also do not deserve to strip Roblox of what little money they earn from memberships because you want 10 Robux for a T-Shirt, you aren’t getting much for that in this economy.

“Builder’s Club” wasn’t taken away if that’s what you actually believe, those features were given back to the platform for absolutely free and “BC” fell out of order due to these features being pre-existing and not behind a paywall.

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here, you also do not deserve to strip Roblox of what little money they earn from memberships.

What exactly does it have to do with me not deserving anything? I never said it was for me, so don’t go making assumptions

Also please back-up that the tickets was ruining the economy I don’t remember Roblox ever mentioning that.

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clearly obvious it was being revoked due to massive amounts of botting

This isn’t really for the people, I don’t think anyone but you thought about this or wanted something like this once again, if you actually meant people who paid for the memberships then that’s a different story, but currently it’s really viewed as you wanting something for free that shouldn’t be for free, Tix was given per-visits and among other reasons, it was abused with botting, the same will not be happening with Robux, and you haven’t offered a viable solution or any self awareness that you knew anything going on outside of the nostalgia filter.

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ROBLOX had years to do something about the bots and alts. they have done nothing like they promised. Still haven’t done anything.

As for saying that I’m the only one who brought all this back up, that’s incorrect. I have spoken with numerous players who also stated they needed to bring it back or come up with something to make it easier for the sake of being able to actually pay developers for their games, I also have this issue and roblox doesn’t make it any better for most of us, how can I start a community if I lack funding that are difficult to get. I can’t always use my money for this game when I have to pay bills and all that as well.

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A better feature request: More monthly membership options

Premium payouts exist. You get paid robux based on the length of time premium users play your game

The amount of robux you get for the monthly premium subscriptions is the same total you would receive for each tier of Builders’ Club (actually, more); you’re just getting the total amount all at once

It isn’t Roblox’s job to feed, clothe you at all, you have to do that yourself, if you don’t have the money to buy measly 5 dollars then that’s absolutely on you, and it isn’t on them to give you something for free.

A false majority doesn’t mean something should exist, you aren’t considering the factors of larpers, liars and people who generally don’t know what they’re talking about, and if people actually agree to something like this that means they have no idea what’s going on.

I absolutely don’t know what you expect them to do about alternative accounts and bots, it’s starting to become a developmental thing where they detect alts, but you’re extremely impatient about it, and have likely never heard of such announcement despite such a statement.

A community isn’t a god given right, and not something guaranteed, they aren’t just going to pay you for no reason, developers are paid absolutely to Roblox’s best ability, such an influx would most likely cause them to lose more than they already are and it wouldn’t be good for them, they can’t afford to pay out more than they already are, and such a change would cause the rates to tank more than they already are as they’d have to cut costs for such a thing to exist.


Interesting take. “I know giving daily free Robux has major issues for the economy, but I don’t want to hear it. So Roblox, add this.”