Bring back option to link a facebook page, instead of a facebook profile

Before you was allowed to link a facebook url on your profile I had linked to our dev studio page on facebook.

Now, you can only log in with your own personal account (which I don’t want people to be linked to, that’s my personal private account :()


I wasn’t the only one who linked a facebook page, I remember mad studio being linked in loleris’s profile if I remember correctly.

They added verification so people don’t link to inappropriate Facebook pages.

It still would be easy if (god forbid) my personal facebook had inappropriate images as the profile picture or my twitter had a lot of NSFW content as there’s no moderation on any of it.

The current system they are using is perhaps not ideal, that said Facebook does allow apps to reach the pages you are a part of. In the future, ROBLOX will perhaps ask you to log in and allow you to link your profile to a page you manage.