Bring back the developer spotlight posts


I miss seeing developer spotlight posts. I loved seeing these posts because it made me feel inspired and probably others too. For instance, Beeism’s developer spotlight made me inspired to learn to 3D model as I am not a modeler myself, just a programmer. Another example is Alvinblox’s developer spotlight. His spotlight helped me learn the ways of programming by introducing his channel and learning techniques for programming.

If DET/DevRel is running out of users to bring the spotlight to, maybe create a form for anyone to fill out. Bringing in smaller developer’s stories will help newer developers as it shows that anything is possible. These posts were really cool to see and I miss them. It allows smaller/bigger developers to give out their story on how they learned to do programming, modeling, game design, animation, etc.


Hey, I haven’t seen what developer spotlight posts are, do you have a screenshot of what they seem to be? Other than that I do agree with this as it shows Roblox promoting developers (from what I read.)


Absolutely! Here are a few examples:

You can look for more of them in the #updates:community section by scrolling down.


I quite enjoyed reading those and I think it would be cool for them to be brought back.

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I would definitely like this to return, seems promising.