Bring back the old F6 test

Okay, so a few years ago the old F6 test method was removed for no (good) reason at all. Basically, what this would do would be the same as F5, but it’d launch the play solo session in a separate Studio window. It was like starting a local server, except it’d not create an extra Studio window.

This was extremely helpful because:

  • The current play solo does not allow me to find bugs and fix them at the same time. I don’t use Rojo on this game either, and I should not have to convert the game over to Rojo for this ability.
  • Starting a local server with extremely slow games takes FOREVER to load and also runs horribly on top of it. It is also very annoying to find the right Studio window because the local server’s server window looks just like my work Studio.

There was absolutely no reason to remove this, and it’d be very helpful to work on my game. It’s been a serious productivity expense to how I work and I really think it needs to be readded.