Bring back the old price cap for paid access

So roblox, without announcement lowered the max price for paid access games to 100 robux.

the ENTIRE point of paid access is to do a non freemium model, and forgo stuff like premium payouts. It’s to say “hey, this is a good game, and it is worth 5 dollars” to lower it to this point removes its entire purpose entirely.

Why is this important? you ask.

Because paid access is the ONLY way to monetize VR content in roblox. Dev product prompts are not reliable enough, and game passes have to be bought through website, which are very high friction purchases. and even if both those got magically fixed overnight, it still doesn’t work because THE WHOLE POINT OF VR IS THE IMMERSION, AND STOPPING GAMEPLAY TO ASK THE PLAYER FOR 30 ROBUX PULLS THEM RIGHT OUT

reading this back, I’m aware I come off as very… heated over this change. however consider the following:

Paid access is how I put food on my table. and Roblox has taken that from me.


Roblox hasn’t even updated the help article to reflect the new price cap, so I’m not sure if they meant to do this or if they forgot to update the references regarding the price floor and ceiling for paid access.

The example photo in the documentation article even still shows someone setting an access price at 200 Robux.

You can still do it, when someone joins, you could have a pop up that requires them to pay for access. Even though it’s then a gamepass, but it would not break the immersive atmosphere.

Probably a bug. If you use the legacy Configure Place page then you can still set the price to a max of 1000.

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So all is not lost… yet. until they change that too I guess.

thanks for the heads up.

@GregTame This was a wholly unintended change, team is investigating and will likely roll out a fix soon. Thanks so much for reporting and apologies for the inconvenience here.


Team resolved this now, please refresh the page to see the fix. Thanks again for reporting. :pray:


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