Bring back "Who can chat with me" setting

So, I’m basically trying to disable the website chat. It’s kind of very annoying and I’d prefer to just communicate either in-game or over PMs. However, there isn’t a setting to disable it anymore and I can’t even limit people from using it without also limiting the people who can send me a private message.

Can we please just have a setting to turn the site chat off? I don’t use it and I don’t want people to message me on it.


I made a similar thread before which got quite a bit of support:


That’s a bummer. I guess I’ll just write a Chrome extension to remove it completely. Those who message me on it just won’t get a response, I guess.

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All I do is use AdBlock and block the chat elements


Did that, works like a charm. Thanks!

Thanks a ton!

Even if you hide the (overly-huge) chat button and the rest of its interface, it doesn’t stop the notifications. You still get the audio pings and the tab text flashing, which you can never stop if you can’t get to the chat. Is there a way to stop that too?

I’m looking into a way to disable the entire javascript that does the notifications. For now, the UI going away is good enough for me.