Bring more old Accessories and Hats back on-sale


There isn’t much I can really say about this.
Although, there is many hats out there, which are not limited but many people want.
For example, the Alien Airbreather. I currently want this because of the SCP Genre.

It would be nice for old hats to go back on sale and maybe a special event where you bring lots of old hats back for cheap prices or something.
I’d love to have the Alien Airbreather.



I’d love if the devforums could have a say in bringing back old items.

Beside designing, the roblox items are one of my favourite things, I love reading the history on them, owners, etc.

I have a whole list of items that would be excellent if they came back onsale, that won’t ruin the hat.

If only we had more of a say

EDIT: Also adding to this, roblox I believe are trying to deflate the economy a bit in preparation for UGC. Hence the cheap commando


Literally half of the package catalog is off-sale because they were previously ROBLOX card packages and haven’t been touched since they were taken off sale years ago. It’s unfortunate because that half has some of the better packages too that I’d buy, but can’t because they’re off sale.


The list starts with ASCII.

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I don’t really think Feature Requests is the right place for this, but yeah I do agree classics need to come back


Web Features is the most appropriate category. We don’t specifically have a category regarding ROBLOX asset releases.


Although that would be a great category to have, it wouldn’t be used as much as the others.

I wouldn’t call releasing hats a feature

The web team isn’t responsible for it either, so it’s definitely not what Web Features was intended for. Again, there is no correct category, and this is the closest fit. The OP posted this in the best category available, so it’s fine that it’s in Web Features and it will not be moved to another category.

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agree and disagree

there are some legacy hats I’d hate to see return, I don’t want them to be spoiled.

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@materking Only LMaDers and collectors care about “ruining” hats.

Personally, if old hats went on sale, that’d be pretty cool because then nifty things could be on sale for us to buy instead of half the low quality we get now.

In the end it’s all about the aesthetic for a good portion of people. Traders and collectors only care about the Robux it brings in, as well as the people it attracts if you have them.


Although, some old hats are used for uniforms. For example, SCP, it wouldn’t be great if everyone was walking around with airbreathers. Heh. Cool though.