Bring real world creation to your experience with Constructive Solid Geometry (CSG) improvements [Beta]

This might help: Destruction Using New CSG Beta - #8 by BubasGaming

ive tried spawning parts but i just couldn’t figure it out lol

though thank you anyway for your response

i got the parts spawning correctly
however i cant figure out intersect and subtract to work on it… well ill figure it out soon enough. I hope.

I have found a case where SplitApart fails to separate small WedgeParts when subtracting.
Attached is a repro file with the wedges in workspace: CSG Issue.rbxl (50.2 KB)

Thanks for bringing the issue up. Looking at it

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i dont know if we are that far ahead yet but if the color changes why cant we change the material too?

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Hey guys, is there a way to prevent ‘blinking’ while substracting? Like the part which is going to be substracted is have a small delay, and it’s disappers for like 100 miliseconds, can it be prevented? Thanks

The issue with materials is that currently Roblox has a 1 material per part limitation. (just like a 1 texture per part). This is unfortunately not a trivial thing to fix

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We do have a solution when using the substitute API. unfortunately, there was a bug causing an interaction with asset loading on devices with slow internet. It’s being worked on

Thank you very much, so there’s no bugs in the code/API’s usage?

:IntersectAsync() appears to be crashing when used on any Union or Negate or Intersect, but only when playing in-game. Trying the same operations on those type of parts in studio works fine, if a little slow. CSG Crash - Roblox test place (uncopylocked; press x to form a cylinder)

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Thank you for reporting this crash, We will look into this.

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We are working on some improvements to performance and stability for these new APIs. Since you are active users, we would love to invite you to test these changes out on your places to make sure we aren’t breaking anything. To try out these improvements, please use the following sign-up link: Roblox Betas | CSG Performance & Stability improvements Sign-up


We’ve rolled out the improvements for everyone who signed up! Let us know if you run into any issues.

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is this form going to open again in the near future? I would like to try but didn’t see this

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@h_vcn Honestly, we’re looking for a very quick turnaround. If you want/need to test immediately, feel free to shoot me or pho01proof a message with the place. Otherwise, we’re trying to look at less than a 2 week turnaround

P.S. That’s a goal assuming nothing unforeseen happens


CalculateConstraintsToPreserve doesn’t seem be taking velocity into account, causing constraints to be removed when they shouldn’t be.

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