Bring the Collaboration Tab Back

Talent Hub has gave a halt in my career

Once Talent Hub released I was unable to search for professional and trusted developers. I figured it was just because the website was new, after while I continued to use the website hoping it would work, but I have gotten nowhere.

In the beginning of my development career (2015), I built a wonderful but small community and I was proud of myself. I didn’t get there by Talent Hub, discord servers, or off-site programs, I got there by the Collaboration Tab.

Collaboration Tab was beneficial for me

My feature-request for DevForum is to bring back the Collaboration Tab, it was extremely helpful for developers like myself, here is why…

  • I was able to conduct a proper interview process before giving my contacts to the developer I was interviewing. I could check their portfolio and read reviews of people who hired the developers. It helped because I was able to see who had a good reputation within the community.

  • I was able to be as clear as I wanted to be without any character limit or filter. The smallest but most helpful feature that the Talent Hub doesn’t offer, but the collaboration tab did.

  • The Talent Hub is completely dead, it takes days for someone to reply, and most of the people on there are completely untrusted.

  • I am unable to tell who I can trust and who I can’t.

  • Nobody uses the profile feature to create a portfolio. Talent Hub doesn’t offer the freedom the collaboration tab gave you for portfolios.

The really big one… pretty much every developer wants the collaboration tab back. There is way more reasons, but maybe (hopefully) the community will tell you more about them.


You can view a little more of what people have to say about it.

I really hope you can bring this feature back, it would be helpful for a lot of people. Thank you for reading.


You @Hooksmith dodging this post is lowkey crazy.


I don’t think he’s dodging the post. They all have other things to be doing. Wait for somebody to get to the thread.


I’m not involved with Talent Hub <> Collaboration atm, but I saw your post 6 days ago as you posted this and pinged someone else to notify them this exists. They will reply when they have time. :slightly_smiling_face:



Thanks for your feedback on this one. I want to make sure I understand the specific pain points you are experiencing;

  1. Difficulty trusting users - what did the collaboration section offer you that Talent Hub doesn’t for this?
  2. Limit of customizability - for Talent Hub, do you find the character limits too low? Are there things being filtered you would like to not see filtered?

And any other areas as well!

For a bit of wider context: generally I try and not deprecate features unless they’re not used by anyone anymore, but this situation was a touch more difficult, as if we had two ‘markets’ for people to find and hire others, we would be splitting traffic. Doing so would hurt both places substantially. This is why we have been so intent on improving Talent Hub further, vs any other approach.


If we are being honest, you guys won’t change things back will keep Talent Hub; me explaining my reason will not change anything.

You can see what others say here, but there is no point if you guys aren’t bringing this back.


If you can help answer questions 1/2 above, hopefully we can use that to make plans how to improve the current situation.


People could comment on portfolios bad or good to help employers choose who they wanted. It was far easier to see who I could trust by simply reading their reviews by people they worked for.

Talent Hub is full of children with no experience with development. The profile/portfolio on Talent Hub is not even half good as DevForum. We could easily customize everything and had complete freedom with collaboration section. Talent Hub doesn’t offer much.

There is no limit on DevForum but only on Talent Hub. Anything could end up being filtered, it doesn’t even have to be bad… it will simply block the messages.


If you follow this philosophy, why was the Talent Hub created in the first place? Surely creating another platform to serve the same needs that the collaboration section did split traffic in two.

If you want to improve the commission experience of Developers on Roblox. I second the OP’s opinion to bring back the collaboration section.



Statement by sparkling_cola in response to Jed.

@peraldon You have to admit he has a point and it makes clear sense all around. Not only is the Talent Hub a complete failure, developers would rather have the collaboration section back. I have NOT seen one developer deny that the collaboration section was better in every way.

If you look around DevForum there has been MANY and I mean lots of topics created about the failure of Talent Hub, how it has ended some careers, how it’s not helpful, and the lack of features it provides. With all the topics created, ROBLOX has failed to fix something we all wish to be fixed.

For once… can you guys release updates that we NEED? Not something that you THINK is helping the platform?

I am not a website developer, but I assume ROBLOX pays more having Talent Hub as a replacement for collaboration section.

As @sparkling_cola said, If you follow that philosophy, coming from many developers, can you guys bring back the collaboration tab?


Let’s be real guys, do you seriously think they’re going throw away countless man hours, money, time and resources because some guys on their developer forum don’t like it?

It’s been, what, a year and a half? Two years? If there was ever a time this was going to happen, it’s not now.


There was never a need to create whole entire other website to fulfill a purpose that was already being used. ROBLOX tends to create things we don’t need or won’t use, it’s what they do.

Clearly we all expect them to say no, child. The entire devforum/developer community has said something from the start of this useless Talent Hub site. Not once has ROBLOX listened to their community, I’m still waiting to see if they actually care about their community. If they reject this one, it’s clear they don’t care; and if they reject this… I most likely will be done with ROBLOX.

This isn’t just some guys, give respect to women like yourself, men and women developers almost the entire developer community wants this and ROBLOX can’t listen for once.

I do ask that you stop posting on this topic. You deleted your comment once, don’t come back to repost for attention, child.


Lmao, child? Some sort of superiority fetish?

They BEEN rejecting it for two years or so now. They’ve already dumped countless resources into it. I don’t know if you understand or not, but realistically Roblox is not just gonna throw that all out, even if it was pointless or inferior in the communities eyes. Pinging random engineers who don’t even work on the Talent Hub and chewing them out for not immediately responding to your post honestly says more about you than Roblox.

And being honest, the Talent Hub is not a completely worthless idea. It’s poorly executed. But realisitically a seperate site can scale much more efficiently and be much more feature complete than a subforum. It’s about execution.

I’m not speaking from my perspective or yours, I’m speaking from Roblox’s, who I can assure you has all the data they could ever need. It’s clear to them that the outcry is not significant enough for them to toss it all out, or that the outcry is misguided. Both are true, on some level.

Why are you making this a gender battle? Lmaoo. I used guys as a general term for people. It’s not that deep.

Uh, sorry. It’s a public forum. I can reply if I want. Cry about it… child. Or whatever your catchphrase is.


OP is just a child projecting because they’re too young to understand a watered down linkedin, don’t take it personally.

@realismdevv Collaboration tab was clunky. You could not filter by payment, by who has what skills, by verified (and in turn by age - which let me guess, you’re too young to verify)

To directly address your misinformation:

  • You still can do that? Simply interview them either onsite or on Discord (assuming you meet the age requirements for that) - Heck, even just look up their profile on Roblox to see their associations
  • I’ll admit the character limit and filter can be annoying, but the limit isn’t that small (you don’t need an essay for each past job, and the filter is usually only for removing links)
  • It’s not dead, that’s generally what you’d be expecting for jobs IRL. As for the untrusted part, JUST LOOK THEM UP ON ROBLOX OR THE DEVFORUM. It’s not hard.
  • This is just a duplicate of the second half of the above point
  • IT LITERALLY DOES? You can add images, add all the forum markdown that the devforum has, there’s zero difference.

You just need to stop crying that nobody wants to hire an immature underage user who, based on a glance at your profile, doesn’t have much to show for themselves.


(post deleted by author)

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While I like the new filters, the cons still weigh down heavily. The moderation is outright stupid. I get people like to crap on Roblox moderation - but come on. I’m hardly able to say anything without my profile being removed. I put my Twitter username and something like “if you contact me here I’ll never see it please dm me there”, and I can promise you it’s deleted by now. The queue is also just silly. By the time it’s accepted, you’re already gone and will never see it.

Everything is also completely preformatted. No customization whatsoever. Your job posts are formatted into compensation, qualifications, details, and that’s it. Markdown wasn’t added until a lot later into its lifespan and by then it was already too late.

I’m not calling Discourse’s profiles perfect - they’re pretty messy, but it’s far better than the Talent Hub.

On verification, for a lot of people it’s not an age thing. I just don’t want Roblox or Veriff having my ID. They don’t need it, they’re not getting it. I don’t care how much I’m told anything, they’re both large corporations so I’m inclined to not believe them. Because of that, my account is not “verified”, so my visibility is automatically limited.

Anyways all of this is just my take. You’re all welcome to liking the talent hub, but I’m going to side with the people who want #collaboration back. I’m not supporting anybody being childish or immature, but the section should come back for people who want options.


I know multiple forum users who’d say I am (as much as I disagree with them), but sure whatever you say.

Before the talent hub, it was basically our only option (either that or Hidden Devs, which existed out of frustration with how clunky the forum format was - it was really only good for making a portfolio which could be linked to, you couldn’t exactly advertise as such on it)


Do you reckon Talent Hub’s execution will be enhanced soon? So far it has been crap and continues to be crap. I’d rather have Roblox spend their resources elsewhere than be needlessly sunk into a hole that no respectable Developer uses.

Given Roblox’s track record in executing new features, I wouldn’t bet on seeing an improved version of the Talent Hub.

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I think the major one was how clients could leave comments and feedback on portfolios in the devforum. Talent hub imo feels like a “linkedin for Roblox” but even linkedin has a feedback system in place.

This feedback was essentially useful to make sure that a user holds a good work ethic.

I also think talent hub is barely customizable, a lot of things such as external websites (which could include an independent portfolio) get censored. Overall it’s a tough one.
I also think finding real quality work on talent hub is immensely hard.

most of it is extremely low effort and low pay due to the fact that most develops willing to put a hefty investment into hiring someone won’t hire someone off talent hub due to the above reasons