Bringing Back Investment Requests

ye, but its fair to say you need to be in the top 100 to be able to live off your earnings comfortably, and therefor it is what all ‘money-lead’ developers should aim for.

Unless you get lucky or go viral which in this scenario we sha’ll assume has not happen the principle of you have to spend money to make money applies, even if the 100,000R$ was not in startup and entirely from owners capital its safe to assume at least 20,000 was which is still a lot to your average developer.

I am pretty sure that the term “top 100 games” is referring to the all-time top 100 games and not the popular 100 games at the time. I guess to be able to live off your earnings comfortably is subjective to every individual and I am convinced that it is likely that it does not need to be among the top 100 games which are being referred to here.

I don’t think that it is necessary for a good game to require 20,000 R$ for sponsoring the game; of course you have to spend money to make money but you have to spend it wisely especially when you’re on a budget. There are also other ways to get exposure which don’t require robux as others have mentioned.

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But as I have previously mentioned to a user under 13 it is illegal for them to use social media so unless they get lucky with the roblox search algorithm being in their favour or by some magic chance they contact a youtube and convince them to do unpaid promotion of their game, without investment they are pretty much screwed.

I prefer to stand by this argument.

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to add to that, if you’re under 13 your games probably aren’t that good.

even still, many people lie about their age - and on top of that, roblox has sponsorships and advertisements to make this easier.

Completely disagreeing with that, there may be extremely genius prodigies who are very well enough and good enough scripters or programmers or any other talented.

I myself know a Friend’s Brother who is a full time Java, Python and C# Programmer and he is just 11, who makes indie games along with some older people who really admire his Intelligence.

NOT ALL PEOPLE ARE THE SAME is what I really mean by this.


Roblox has built a name for itself of teaching development to anyone and everyone ‘powering imagination’ as they call it. It is not right to put an age restraint on when a project can be classed as good, sure it may not be a piece of art, im only 14, yet when you hear some of the ideas coming out the mind of say an 8 year old they are pure gold.

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I respect you to stand by your opinion, however everyone should be able to pursue whatever path they want and hence why I feel if people want to invest we should let them offer investment services here on the forum.

then they are lying to you. by law, anyone under 18 is in full time education.

C# is a very complex language and an 11-year-old simply cannot be good at it lmao

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In which case I feel you are agreeing to the topic here, most of us here have found enough success on roblox to shrug at spending a few thousand robux on some sponsors, yet some people may simply not be able to afford this.

Just a gentle reminder for those that haven’t been around for long but @BuildIntoGames was only 13 years old when he was already one of the most prominent developers on Roblox in 2014.

“BuildIntoGames’ (who is only 13, by the way)” (2014)

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I am not at all saying anything about Law, you could say he makes games for fun, and it is not that he is in any Contract or something wherein he is creating games for money.

And I am honestly not joking, as I said not all people are the same. If you want any Famous Examples. Look at Tanmay Bakshi

Who is world’s youngest IBM Watson Programmer at the age of 12.

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this is getting side-tracked.

to the original point –

the devforum is also 13+
you simply can’t sign in if your account is under 13

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I would like someone to confirm that the dev forum is 13+ because I was under the impression this limit was terminated a while ago, especially since one of my friends who is under 13 gained access and im not under the impression he lied about his account age.
Also we should respect peoples right if they want to stay away from social media, its not always the nicest place for those who are unstable about themselves.

I only replied, to what you said just now…

I am not the one who is side tracking anything.

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I can confirm that you have to be 13+ to use this forum. Anyone under the age of 13 could have their DevForum account revoked if brought to the attention of the Developer Engagement Team. In a couple of other threads the Community Sages mentioned you have to be 13+ to use this forum:

I don’t think there has been any rule changes about <13’s joining this forum but I could be mistaken.

(Reply to main thread)

I don’t think investment requests should be allowed on the forum. If you want to find an investor you should use a different platform like Discord.

If your game is fun and you use Roblox’s community to your advantage you can grow your game purely through word of mouth. You don’t need to spend hundreds of thousands of Robux on advertising your game because if your game is fun it will advertise itself. A few front page and big time developers have already mentioned you can grow your game purely though a community and word of mouth.

You should start on smaller projects, maybe solo or with a small team, before you make a front page game. This way you will be able to grow a small community, earn Robux for advertisements and gain experience on how to effectively monetise your game. Once you have all three of these things investors are not necessary to have because you already have Robux and experience in monetization.


Problem is, users who need investments the most, won’t be able to get them. It is incredibly difficult to receive money in general if you do not have a membership (and if you can afford Premium, you can probably pay for assets). I feel this would need to be solved first before a proper channel for investments would be at all valuable (outside of exploiting loopholes to receive more than 10% of it).

If that was solved, I’d be all for an investments system. As long as

  • there are clear guidelines to keep both sides safe,
  • repercussions for abuse,
  • and the person who needs the investment has to prove there is value in making the investment.

And that is the reason why my Post for reducing the marketplace fees is about to be approved.

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I honestly cannot see marketplace fees realistically being reduced any time in the near future, From the fact developers have been asking for high Dev Ex rates for years with roblox doing nothing about these requests I doubt they would do what you want.