Bringing Back Investment Requests

So, as we all know and it is a Global Rule of the community as well. Posting Requests for Monetary Issues and Investment Requests is not allowed here on the Forums.

(There will be Links to everything I will discuss in the Topic Below)

Because of this Global Rule people started using a Discord Server of Hidden Developers (Link Below) for posting Investment Requests.

But due to a Recent Change in their Rules, about 2 Months Ago they made a Rule wherein they are not allowing any Investment Requests Anymore.

I just wanted to say that there is absolutely no way now for New Developers who are wanting to make their game Popular to get An Honest Investor, from any Good Place Now.

I would Really Request the Community to please Allow Investment Requests, because there is not a Good Place for Developers to get Investors for their Games and many Devs have never been involved with any Experienced Investors but I feel like DevForums would be a very Good Place to Get Investors for your game.

Thank you :slightly_smiling_face:

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You don’t need any sort of money to develop a game on Roblox and you don’t necessarily need large teams to set up a game that outputs a profit.

Start on smaller projects with friends and then work yourself up over time to a point where you can hire contractors / sponsor the game to get more people to try it out. None of the games you see on the front page needed “investments” to get to the point where they are, and a lot of them started out with teams of 2-5 people who were not initially salaried.


If you ever do need to invest in some game as well, it is unnecessary to put in a lot of robux, for you only need a little amount to start a game anyway. I have already made a game a couple weeks ago, put a couple 100 robux into it and it is doing pretty descent. Also when you put in robux towards a game, you should expect to get a lot out of it, so lets say you put in 100 robux, you should expect your self to probably double that amount. As long as you can make your game attractive to everyone, it should start to become popular. To add on with this global rule, I feel as if they did that to make things safer.

Here is something roblox provides to help improve the popularity of your game:


But how will you get the word spread? I mean not all Devs know about Discord or are not in link with any Good Server with many people. Solo Devs mostly face this problem.

I, as an investor, would honestly like this rule revoked, Or at least get some official reasoning for why it was added in the first place.

While it is true you do not NEED robux to start up, it certainly helps. Especially since large sponsor / ad runs can help attract you tubers to the game and further accelerate the growth, Not to mention most investors on the platform are also pretty good at game design and monetisation, meaning we can help games reach their full potential. For example if a game has 100 concurrent players but they are only making 10 robux an hour, we could hopefully greatly increase their profits while also improving the quality of the game itself.

I feel this rule only refrains games with so much potential from growth, because they do not have the tools to thrive. and the roblox games page and search algorithm won’t pick up on them till they are slightly popular, yet you can’t be really popular unless you get the games page.


It looks like this should be the problem to tackle then rather than reverting the rule change. As mentioned by buildthomas, making a game on Roblox is already very low risk because of the free infrastructure and studio tools. If you feel like it isn’t and you need money to get your game out there, then you should instead make a feature request explaining the problems you’ve run into and what you need to solve them.


I think we should bring investment requests back! They are somewhat important and can I need an investor to get ads for a huge project I am leading. If there are any roblox staff please consider bringing investment requests back.

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If you’re a broke solo dev, then it’s up to you to get the word spread, and it’s not as difficult as it seems. On Twitter, #Roblox and #RobloxDev are being read all the time. You can go into large communities on Discord and spread your game there (I don’t see a developer who doesn’t know about Discord as being our burden as a reason to keep investment request threads). Heck, you can even just friend people who play in similar games to yours and play your game, and it’ll show up in their “Friends Playing” tab. There’s lots of ways to get word of mouth for free. It’ll be an uphill battle, but it’s totally doable.


True, and yes there are most likely better alternatives then a rule reverts, I don’t really see how much variation you can have with giving out and receiving investments, while you can get there without investment. For those of us who choose to spend less time on social media / do not have an account there are very few alternatives other then pure luck that roblox decides to feature your game. (Live ops I actually found very useful for this, despite the fact many people disliked them.).

I know it can be done but at Roblox I think they should give their Developers the best Development Experience and literally roaming around spreading word is a heck of a job and I am sure Roblox wouldn’t give that type of an Experience to a Solo Dev. I mean won’t Roblox want more Developers?

You need money to get your game out there. You can have a solid game, but no one will even know it exists if you don’t run ads or sponsor. Most people need someone who has succeeded before to give an amount to pay for said advertisements.

Pretty much a repeat of what I’ve said in a previous post, but here we go.

3 words: Social. Media. Marketing.

Seriously. Posting development updates and advertising across Twitter, Instagram, Discord, and all other platforms are FREE. While advertising games natively on the platform is definitely helpful, it isn’t everything. That’s why I very heavily recommend anyone in this day and age to build a personal brand. It doesn’t cost anything to try.

Investment is a good opportunity, but it isn’t the only way to build a successful game.

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Free, however once again, will not reach that population goal you seek. Social media is great, but if you don’t have the followers, it’s not effective.

It’s definitely possible even if you have a low follower count. You can just post sneak peaks for upcoming updates in your game which will interest possible players. Slowly as you constantly post sneak peaks you build a high follower count and attract quite a bit of players by just using twitter or other apps like Instagram etc.

But Turtlepla, agreeing with @baitem, the thing is he meant to say at some point or the other to get your Game on that Front Page Concurrently and a very famous recommended, popular game. You need Sponsoring and Or Ads at some point. Would you just like your Twitter or Insta followers playing it the whole time, of course they won’t. The thing we look for is Concurrent Players and you need to get the word spread on the Platform as well to build a Very Successful Player and I repeat an All-Time Game which Concurrently players play.

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My point is, it will not nearly reach the amount of impressions as sponsoring on roblox. Using tags and such will get some views, yes, but I can’t think of a game solely promoted using only social media.

Investing in ads doesn’t necessarily mean your game would reach the front page tho.

If you have investors on a solid game… you will get it out there. That’s why we are prompting for investment discussion to return to the forums as it is a crucial role in many projects.

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I would once again say, that I am not saying necessarily, your game may reach the Page but at some point or the other it won’t be there anymore because you would lose your players over time. Again I repeat my point of Concurrent Players which means your game is an All Time Favourite of the General Public of Roblox, if they do not know about your game and just a few friends and fans and their friends or fans. That won’t reach your goal of Keeping your Game on the Front Page constantly, at least for a very long time.

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Promoting on social media builds an initial audience that grows towards hitting a critical point, where the word of mouth from your players also helps to promote your game.

I am willing to bet that, without any advertising on the platform natively, if BIG games releases a game within this month, posting updates every day across social media, that it will hit front page easily.

I’m not saying that investment is a bad idea, I just don’t think that it should be the first avenue for new developers to look into.