Bringing back old style Roblox magic games

ROBLOX use to have amazingly fun magic games even in low quality such as Arc Of The Elements.

The game design is quite simple:

  1. You join the game
  2. You spin for a magic
  3. You go ham on other players and just spam your abilities (FFA magic pvp)

Magic is able to be leveled and you gain new abilities as you reach certain milestones.

Question is do you think it’s a good idea to bring it back and would you play it? What additional features would help it get it through the meta?

  • I would play
  • I might play
  • I wouldn’t play
  • I’ve never played these types of games before
  • I don’t play games on ROBLOX

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I’m open to suggestions and ideas on how I would be able to improve and expand on this topic.


If you’re suggesting that you want to make a game based around magic and level progression, you simply haven’t given us enough core details about the rest of the player experience. People aren’t able to fully determine if your idea is good or not - because you haven’t actually explained anything else that goes on.

All I am aware of is that magic is involved with some form, and that you’re going to have level progression, milestones and different abilities. The three main points you have made sound good, and together it seems like a good idea, but I simply wouldn’t play because I’m not intrigued by the lack of detail you’ve provided. I also understand that you want FFA but I don’t know how that’s going to be implemented, and its something that could better or worsen my experiences as a player.

It sounds like a solid foundation to start off with, but you haven’t provided any input on creative or artistic direction that would probably impact a lot of people in their decision making regarding your main question. I’m sorry if this sounds like a rant, but considering this is Game Design support, having as much information about your game idea will probably benefit you and allow you to get more feedback.

I see, thanks for this extremely detailed response.

The game is built to be simple but here’s a gif that would tell you a lot more about the game:


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I won’t lie, those are some pretty nice animations. Looks pretty fun to me actually now I’ve seen a video of some of it!

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