Bringing Back Simple Cars!

Hey everyone :wave:!
Today, I’m going to be showing you guys how to bring back simple cars! :wink:

Step #1: Creating a base for your car

You can create yours however you want, but I’ll be using a basic part
with the size of 6, 1, 11 and making it red with the material Wood.

(Obviously, yours can be however you want it to be)

Step #2: Creating wheels

You can create the wheels using a Cylinder or Sphere, but in this case, I’ll be using a Cylinder with the size of 1, 3, 3.

You can customize your wheels however you want them to be.

Now, you want to create a hinge for your wheel. You can use F3X Btools to do this as Roblox hid the Surface category for BaseParts.

Make sure the hinge is facing Inwards towards the base of the car


Then duplicate your wheels to all four sides of your base like this:


And move them inwards:


Step #3: Creating a VehicleSeat

Insert a VehicleSeat inside of your Workspace, and move it onto your base


Then rotate it to make sure it is facing forwards:


Now go into the Model tab

Select Create

Then choose Weld

Now, select your seat. After you’ve selected your seat, select your base, and it should
look something like this:


Step #4: Scripting

And now for the part we all hate, scripting :joy:
But before we do, make sure you group your car:


And if you don’t have your Command Bar enabled, go into the View tab

And enable the Command Bar

You should have a little widget that looks like this:

After, paste the following code inside of your Command Bar

game.Workspace["You car name here"]:MakeJoints()

Then press Enter

Step #5: Enjoy!

Congrats, you’ve brought a simple car back to life!

If your friction on the wheels are a bit qwerky, enable the CustomPhysicalProperties under the Part category in your Properties tab.


And set the friction of the wheels to 0.43 (You can play with the friction, but this is what I found best personally)


And boom! You’ve got a working car!

(Note, this is my first tutorial on the forums, so please let me know if I did anything wrong :grin:)

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Unironically I suggested to one of my friend recently to go full classic with his racing game as people seems to like that style nowadays …

Good timing, I can show him this resource as I’m an extremely lazy person to explain to him how it used to work lol


I’ve made a resource several months ago where you can convert this system to a modernized version.

This will add suspension (bringing back pre-PGS physics) and steering.

Anyways, nice tutorial, highly recommended. I recommend making the back wheels have a friction of 2 and the front wheels have a friction of 0.2, but it depends on the car.


Oh snap! Where was this when I needed it lol

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